Most memorable moments from Survivor: Blood vs Water

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Survivor runner-up Brad Culpepper attends the CBS’ “Survivor: Game Changers – Mamanuca Islands” finale at CBS Studios (Photo by Greg Doherty/Getty Images)

The Return of Redemption Island

Obviously Redemption Island was only brought back this season because returning players were a part of Blood vs Water. It gave them a chance to stay in the game without actually being in the game.

Anytime players can re-enter the game despite being voted out whether it’s from Redemption Island, Edge of Extinction, or you name it, I won’t be in favor of the twist. Once you’re out, you should be out, and that is a knock on Blood vs Water.

It did bring us some exciting duals, however, which gave us some great drama.

Everyone hates Brad Culpepper

Blood vs Water not only gave us a chance to get to know “Ex-NFL Player’s Wife” Monica Culpepper better, but it also introduced us to her ex-NFL player husband, Brad Culpepper. The theme of the Blood vs Water pre-merge was that everyone hated Brad.

His Tadhana tribe mates mostly disliked him because he made an all-guys alliance from the jump and was rubbing people the wrong way. The Galang tribe hated him because he was the one to blame for all of their loved ones going home, making for some truly ugly duals where Candice, Marissa, and others constantly berated Brad for being the ringleader.

Brad was blindsided on Day 10 and eliminated from Redemption Island on Day 14.

Colton quits again

After his notorious appearance on One World, Colton Cumbie returned for Blood vs Water with his sweetheart of a fiancé Caleb Bankston (R.I.P.) to try and redeem himself in the eyes of the viewers. Well, right off the bat it was clear that Colton hadn’t changed much at all.

He tried stirring up drama on the Galang tribe when there wasn’t any need for it and he also screamed at fellow One World alum Kat Edorsson during a challenge while also throwing her under the bus during some camp drama.

Because Colton wasn’t playing with goons like he did in One World and these were actually good players, he knew he’d be an early boot and decided to quit on Day 7 at the Redemption Island dual, but not before Jeff Probst let him have an ear full.

It’s no surprise we haven’t seen Colton return for a third time or that Survivor has never really mentioned him again.

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