Survivor: Defending the less touted winners in Survivor history

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There have been 38 winners through 40 seasons of Survivor, but some don’t get the respect they deserve despite winning the game.

It’s not easy to win Survivor. Anyone who wins a season deserves to win, period. Unfortunately, not everyone believes that and that has led to some winners not getting their due diligence as the years have passed.

While not every winner is a top tier winner, they still deserved to win. They made moves that got them to the Final Tribal Council and were able to convince a jury to vote for them and give them both a million dollars and the title of Sole Survivor.

For this article, I’ll be looking at 10 winners who are normally ranked near or in the bottom tier when it comes to all of the Survivor winners or who simply don’t get enough respect for the game they played. This will be a different article than my underrated winners post, as even though I find those players underrated, they don’t get quite as disrespected as these champs do.

We’ll start from the earliest seasons and work our way to the more recent ones. Let’s get started.

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