Scariest moments to ever occur on Survivor

Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment ©2020 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved
Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment ©2020 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved /
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1. Caleb’s medical evacuation/That entire challenge (Kaoh Rong, Season 32)

Without a doubt, the scariest moment to occur on Survivor was in the show’s 32nd season and it happened during a reward challenge on Day 9. This challenge consisted of the contestants getting themselves under a log and then digging for three sand bags. This part of the challenge proved absolutely brutal, as it was an extremely hot day.

It took all three tribes over an hour to muster up enough strength to find their bags, but once they did, everyone had to roll balls into a series of targets (think skeeball). The brains finished first and Debbie Wanner immediately recognized that she had heat exhaustion, so medical got to work on cooling her off.

Once the beauty tribe finished in second, Caleb Reynolds went down and this is where things really got scary. Cydney Gillon could hardly move and was clearly suffering from the humidity. At the same time, Caleb was passing in and out of consciousness as medical got fluids into him and tried to help him as best they could.

Caleb was suffering from heat stroke and it was so severe that he had to be pulled from the game. You could see the emotion from Caleb (even if he wasn’t fully aware of what was going on) when Jeff told him the decision to pull him and it was heartbreaking. His tribe mates were bawling at that point in time because no one knew what was going to happen to Caleb. It was frightening.

Meanwhile, both Debbie and Cydney were still struggling, but both were okay and able to continue on in the game. This challenge resulted in three different players (all from different tribes oddly enough) going down and it just proves how difficult Kaoh Rong was on the players.

Caleb could have died from what resulted in this challenge and watching it on television was really scary because while we all assume they wouldn’t show an episode if a player died during it, Caleb clearly wasn’t doing well. The end of the episode puts a prompt on the screen informing us that Caleb is 100% better.

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These were the five scariest moments in the history of Survivor. What else cut have made the list?