Survivor season 41 update: Survivor 41 logo and early tribe spoilers

Photo: Screen Grab CBS Entertainment ©2019 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Photo: Screen Grab CBS Entertainment ©2019 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved. /

Well, Survivor fans, here we are again, moving closer and closer to the start of Survivor season 41 this September. I for one, am so looking forward to the new season, as I feel as though this season will be one of the defining moments in Survivor history.

We already know that the season will be different for several reasons. One is that we know that the season will be 26 days and not the normal 39 days because of the pandemic. It is also a chance for Survivor to for a lack of better words rebrand and maybe look for new twists, turns, and directions.

It was rumored that the new season would not have title at all and not have a theme.  This week the new logo for season 41 was released by CBS and it seems to confirm what the rumor mill has been predicting:

I think this new logo is pretty sharp. It has everything that represents Survivor. The torch adds a very nice touch. For all you Survivor diehards, I know change is hard, but the logo is not really that bad, right?

Survivor season 41 tribe spoilers

According to Inside Survivor the tribes for this season have also been set. There will be three tribes comprised of six members with a blue tribe, yellow tribe and green tribe planned for Survivor season 41.

My first thought is so far there has not been anything too drastic and nothing shocking, which depending on how you look at it could be a good or bad thing.

Inside Survivor also has released the names of the Survivors that will be participating in season 41 as well and their rumored placement within the season’s tribes. These names have not been confirmed, but here are the rumored breakdowns of the Survivor season 41 tribes!

The Blue Tribe

  • Retired NFL player Danny McCray
  • Shift Manager/Medical Scribe Deshawn Radden
  • Sales Manager Naseer Muttalif
  • Communications Professional Erika Casupanan
  • Artist Heather Aldret
  • Law Student Sydney Segal

The Yellow Tribe

  • Researcher PhD Student Evvie Jagoda
  • Business Student Liana Wallace
  • Teacher Tiffany Seely
  • Neurosurgeon David Voce
  • Cyber Security Professional Eric Abraham
  • Computer Science Student Xander Hastings.

The Green Tribe

  • Cattle Rancher Brad Reese
  • Student Jairus Robinson
  • Flight Attendant Ricard Foyé
  • Grocery Store Worker Genie Robin-Chen
  • Mechanical Engineering Student Sara Wilson
  • Pastor/Comedian Shantel Smith

We will have bio’s and pics of all the season 41 cast once they’re released by CBS.

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