Survivor Season 41 episode 3 power rankings

“My Million Dollar Mistake” — Brad Reese, Sydney Segal and Tiffany Seely on the third episode of SURVIVOR 41, airing Wednesday, October 6 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment 2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
“My Million Dollar Mistake” — Brad Reese, Sydney Segal and Tiffany Seely on the third episode of SURVIVOR 41, airing Wednesday, October 6 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment 2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved. /

Survivor season 41’s third week was full of new advantages and twists. While Brad Reese was able to amass quite the bag of tricks early in the game, he didn’t keep it quiet, which doomed his game. That said, even with several advantages out of the game, Survivor season 41 still has plenty of tricks to throw at players.

Three weeks into the season and things have begun to solidify. Last week, we correctly predicted the next boot, and unless there’s a tribe swap, it’s hard to see anyone at the top of this week’s rankings being the next boot. That said, you never know with Survivor. Things can turn on a dime.

Out: Brad Reese (Last week: 16) – Brad actually played this pretty well considering how many advantages he had. The broccoli man told his allies about all of his advantages and let them decide what they want to do. Maybe he could’ve kept his spoils quiet, but without a vote, you almost have to let your allies in on what you’re doing. Truly, we think this was a misplay by Shantel “Shan” Smith more than anything else, but we’ll get to that soon.

14) Heather Aldret (Last week: 12) – Another week, another no-show from Heather. This feels like Monica Padilla on Second Chances. The second we start seeing Heather content, you can probably expect that to be her boot episode.

13) Tiffany Seely (Last week: 13) – Tiff is just all over the place at this point. Her visit to advantage island was the showing of someone who’s not going to be seen as a stable ally moving forward. She had a chance to solidify something with Brad and Sydney Segal but came across as completely untrustworthy. Her one saving grace is that some players might try to drag her to the end as a goat, but if we get a swap or merge, she’s in trouble.

12) Genie Chen (Last week: 12) – Genie actually picked up a confessional this week, but she continues to be out of the numbers on Ua. If that tribe goes back to tribal, it’ll come down to her and JD. Personally, we’d get rid of JD, but you never know if everyone else will go with the “easy vote.” She could use a swap ASAP.

11) Erika Casupanan (Last week: 9) – She’s in the same boat as Heather, but probably isn’t as vulnerable. That said, we’ve seen literally nothing about Luvu’s alliance breakdown, so it could go either way.

10) Jairus “JD” Robinson (Last week: 10) – You could argue that Genie is in a better spot than JD at this point. He’s the threat out of the two, which could mean that Shan and Ricard Foye decide to target him. However, we think he has more potential in a swap or merge, so we’re ranking him slightly higher in spite of his absolutely dreadful attempts at a finger-roll layup.

9) Naseer Muttalif (Last week: 7) – We’ll admit that we’ve been all over the place with Naseer. One week, he shoots up because Sydney says they have to keep him, the next he’s being labeled as a strategic liability and someone they need to cut. It’s almost like Luvu needs a tribal so we can just figure some stuff out.

8) Xander Hastings (Last week: 11) – We’re bumping Xander up a bit because the closer we get to potential swap or merge, the more dangerous he gets. He hasn’t completely dominated any challenge just yet, but he has the body type to go on a run at some point if the cast lets him. Of course, if nothing gets changed up, he’s in trouble on Yase beach.

7) Danny McCray (Last week: 8) – It feels impossible to rank Danny. He was shown to be trustworthy early, but we haven’t seen anything from him since then. Hopefully, we get some Luvu content in the fourth episode.

6) Deshawn Radden (Last week: 5) – Deshawn is basically in the same boat as Danny. He’s looked great in his limited moments, but who really knows? The potential is there, but we need to spend time with Luvu when they’re under the gun of tribal to really know anything.

5) Liana Wallace (Last week: 2) – Liana didn’t do anything wrong this week. We’d even argue that her missing out on the Beward advantage was good for her game as it ultimately hurt Tiff’s chances with Sydney. She simply drops a point due to other players actually featuring on the episode.

4) Ricard Foye (Last week: 3) – Ricard has clout on Ua beach. We think Shan probably ultimately made the decision to get rid of Brad, but Ricard is obviously helping her pull the strings. That said, he’s here to play and will likely be a major factor in the end game.

3) Sydney Segal (Last week: 6) – Every week that Sydney gets the bulk of content from Luvu beach, she goes up in our rankings. The editors just wouldn’t give this kind of screen time to someone who didn’t have a part to play. People may have laughed at us when we made her our de facto winner pick in the pre-season, but she’s proven to be someone the season is revolving around.

2) Shantel “Shan” Smith (Last week: 2) – Shan would’ve taken the top spot had she booted JD. She had his extra vote and has Brad’s complete trust. In our minds, you want to keep that kind of loyalty around. They both might be sneaky, but Brad is upfront with his sneakiness. Keep that on your side and you’ll be golden moving forward. Even though we think this was a mistake on our end, we’re not dropping her because she still has an iron grip on the Ua tribe.

1) Evvie Jagoda (Last week: 1) – In Evvie we trust. Sure, they didn’t do anything of note this episode, but with nothing changing on the idol front, there’s no way Evvie is going home. They’re also pretty well insulated from a swap or merge at this point, so there’s no reason to drop them.

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