Survivor Season 41 episode 6 power rankings

No vote on Survivor Season 41 this week means that our power rankings can’t shake up too much. That said, the big twist that Erika Casupanan received has certainly had an impact. We also saw a few new bonds form, while others look to be falling apart.

Of course, predicting what’s going to happen with the merge vote is almost impossible to predict until we know if Erika chooses to switch things up or not. Currently, she looks like the likely target, but that could quickly change if immunity flips. Here’s our best guess on where everyone sits heading into this week.

Survivor Season 41 power rankings: Week 6

12) Heather Aldret (Last: 12) – Sorry Heather, but until we see something to tell us differently, she has as good of a chance of winning this season as we do. She might not be the biggest target but putting her this low continues to be the safest bet for our fragile ego.

11) Erika Caspunana (Last: 11) – Look, even if Erika is safe this week, she’s only putting a bigger target on her back if she flips things up. Sure, she’s probably gone if she doesn’t make the move, but it doesn’t seem like anyone has her back, so we doubt she’ll make it much further in this game. We’d love to be wrong though.

10) Tiffany Seely (Last: 10) – Like Heather, we could see Tiff sticking around for a while. That said, her chances of actually winning seem minimal. She’s just too erratic to be trusted deep into the game. We expect her to see the boot sooner rather than later.

9) Xander Hastings (Last: 9) – Xander is the classic merge boot. He’s young, athletic, and has several known advantages. It’d be delicious to see Liana Wallace take his idol and get him out of the game. We think he’ll last one more week, but the snuffer is definitely hovering over his torch.

8) Naseer Muttalif (Last: 8) – Naseer is in a great spot with an idol and what seems to be a majority alliance. The issue is that he might be seen as too much of a threat to win because he’s so likable. If he’s cut at around the Final 7 or 8, we wouldn’t be surprised.

7) Danny McCray (Last: 7) – Danny sits in a few nice alliances and, with zero advantages, his threat level is relatively small for someone who’s so physically fit. The edit hasn’t shown him as one of the main players in the season, which keeps us from ranking him higher, but he could surprise.

6) Deshawn Radden (Last: 5) – Deshawn is dropping ever so slightly because we like where a few other players sit after last week’s moves. He’s still going to feature heavily moving forward and doesn’t seem to be in immediate danger. We’ll be shocked if he goes home.

5) Ricard Foye (Last: 2) – We’ve dropped Ricard quite a bit because it certainly seems like Shantel “Shan” Smith has moved on. That’s bad news for the formerly tight duo. Hopefully, he turns things around in the coming weeks, but we can’t keep him in the second slot for now.

4) Sydney Segal (Last: 4) – Sydney hasn’t moved. We still love how much she’s featuring in the edit whether she’s in the middle of things or not. That tells us she has a major part to play and the editors want us to remember her. Others have certainly made better moves (or at least, more visible moves), but her continued appearances in the confessional booth have us convinced she’s going far.

3) Liana Wallace (Last: 6) – Liana makes a big jump because she’s seemingly taken Ricard’s spot as Shan’s righthand. She’s also good with Evvie and is in the newest big alliance. Add in her advantage and she’s in good shape.

2) Shantel “Shan” Smith (Last: 3) – Shan has seemingly kicked Ricard out of the position of island bestie and put Liana in that spot. Plus, she’s in the thick of Survivor‘s version of Big Brother‘s The Cookout alliance. You could certainly argue for giving her the top spot.

1) Evvie Jagoda (Last: 1) – That said, we like Evvie just a bit more. Their name is on almost nobody’s lips and everyone seems to like them. They might not have a locked-in duo like Shan, but their overall gameplay continues to impress.