Survivor Season 41 week 7 preview

The last episode of Survivor Season 41 ended on a massive cliffhanger. Erika Casupanan has the opportunity to flip the game on its head and switch immunity from one half of the tribe to the other. Obviously, the preview didn’t give much away, but that doesn’t mean we won’t try to make some guesses at what might happen.

It’s clear that both Xander Hastings and Evvie Jagoda’s confessionals are coming in the middle of Erika’s decision. That means they were recorded after she’d made her decision making it impossible to take much from them. However, Erika’s body language could be a hint at what’s to come.

Of course, the shot could be from a different part of the conversation, but if that final frame is her about to announce her decision, she doesn’t look very confident. To us, that signals that she might not change things up.

If you’re going to make a big play like that, you almost have to be confident. The rest of the players need to see you playing with a little swagger to really buy into you as a “Big Moves” player. Coming in meekly is going to look weak, which could lead to you not being seen as a threat. That might help you get to the end, but it also likely means modern Survivor players won’t be voting for you to win.

That said, this is a very tough decision for Erika. We know she’s the most likely boot if she does come back, so she almost has to flip the immunities. However, doing so will make several people with advantages very angry with her. It’s a very delicate situation that doesn’t have a clear-cut answer in our books. Hopefully, Erika is smarter than we are and can elegantly work her way through this without making too many enemies.