Survivor Season 41 episode 7 power rankings

“The Strategist or The Loyalist” — Danny McCray and Erika Casupanan on the fifth episode of SURVIVOR 41, airing Wednesday, October 20 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment 2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
“The Strategist or The Loyalist” — Danny McCray and Erika Casupanan on the fifth episode of SURVIVOR 41, airing Wednesday, October 20 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment 2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved. /

Survivor Season 41 has finally seen the repercussions of all the twists and turns that happened at the merge. Unfortunately, the latest episode saw us lose one of the more entertaining members of the season, but you can’t say Sydney Seagal didn’t go out in style. Sure, she’s one of the more twist-screwed players we can remember; however, that tribal council was beyond entertaining.

As expected, our power rankings exploded a bit. It’s always tough to predict what’s going to happen in a merge episode, especially when six of the 12 players have never even been to tribal. Lines have officially been drawn now, giving us a slightly better idea of what might be in store over the next few weeks.

Survivor Season 41 power rankings: Week 7

Out: Sydney Seagal (Last: 4) – Again, Sydney was absolutely hosed by the turn-back time twist. She played a solid game and seemed to be in good with most people. However, she was left out to dry with players scared of the various immunity idols still in play. If nothing else, she made a case to come back for a second chance someday with her incredible confessional performances.

11) Heather Aldret (Last: 12) – Sorry, Heather. You’ve done nothing to convince us you have a chance at winning this season. Outside of one challenge, she’s been invisible all season. With no real content to this point, there’s no way she’s winning. Maybe she sticks around for a while as a goat, but her days are numbered.

10) Erika Casupanan (Last: 11) – Erika made the choice to break the hourglass and give herself immunity. Unfortunately, she then immediately went back to working with the people she screwed over instead of jumping ship. That tells us she’s still playing scared and isn’t likely to make a game-changing move. Just a waste of a twist that only hurt her majority alliance in the long run. Hopefully, she proves us wrong with better play next week.

9) Liana Wallace (Last: 3) – Liana got completely outplayed last week. She made a massive blunder trying to steal Xander Hasting’s advantage and then showed she might struggle to think quickly on her feet by immediately misreading who had the idol. She’s now a major threat and, while her alliance seemingly has numbers, she’s definitely not in a good spot.

8) Tiffany Seely (Last: 10) – We’ve been concerned about Tiff’s erratic pre-merge behavior for a few weeks now, but credit where it’s due. She proved to be trustworthy this week and saved her fellow Yase members by getting Shantel “Shan” Smith to trust her. That’s solid play that might be overlooked by some. She still doesn’t have the resume of a Survivor winner, but things are looking slightly up.

7) Evvie Jagoda (Last: 1) – Evvie drops from our top spot because they’ve found themselves firmly in the minority alliance. Now, does that change when everyone who was immune is back on the table? Who knows, but people view Evvie as a threat, which isn’t great news for their game.

6) Naseer Muttalif (Last: 8) – Naseer is in a great spot. He has an idol and everyone seems to want to work with him. However, he doesn’t seem particularly tight with anyone, which could lead to him being an easy boot if things get feisty leading into one of the next few tribal councils. If he survives a few more weeks, he has a great shot to make a deep run.

5) Danny McCray (Last: 7) – Danny had a rough week. Not only did he lose his immunity and immediately show he’s not willing to roll with the punches (and arguably, he shouldn’t), but we also saw him leaking information all over the place. He’s still quite the physical threat and doesn’t seem to be in any immediate danger, so we’re saying there’s a chance.

4) Xander Hastings (Last: 9) – Xander probably had the best episode anyone has had all season. His tribal council performance showed both strategic chops and the ability to read everyone else like a book. Doing that in such a visible place is going to make it tough for him to lower his threat level, so Xander has to play balls out from here. Luckily, he has an idol in his pocket and might just be able to dominate this post-merge gameplay.

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3) Shantel “Shan” Smith (Last: 2) – Shan did not have a good episode. All of her plans went to crap right in front of her, but it seemed like Liana got most of the guff for those moves. That should mean everyone is still willing to work with her, but it’s worrying to see her giving out so much information so easily. She really needs to tighten that up moving forward.

2) Deshawn Radden (Last: 6) – It might seem weird to have Deshawn here considering his name came up at tribal; however, he seems pretty well insulated in his alliance and hasn’t given anyone a real reason to after him. A lot of this depends on the fallout from last week, but we have a suspicion that Deshawn is going far.

1) Ricard Foye (Last: 5) –  Ricard quietly had a solid night. Obviously, he was totally safe with the immunity necklace, but he also proved himself to be a loyal soldier. He’s going to need to make his game more visible moving forward, but, like a snake, he’s doing a great job of lying in the grass, waiting to strike. We’re expecting big things from Ricard down the homestretch.

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