Survivor Season 41 week 8 preview

If the preview is anything to go by, this week of Survivor will be even messier than the explosive tribal we saw last week at the merge. The preview starts with Shantel “Shan” Smith and Naseer Muttalif discussing wanting to get rid of Evvie Jagoda. It doesn’t slow down from there.

First, let’s talk about this potential team-up. We saw last week that the Yase three (Evvie, Tiffany Seely, and Xander Hastings) are obviously on the bottom. However, without everyone being available for votes, it was hard to say how things might shake out this week. After all, players like Naseer and Erika Casupanan were on the bottom of their original tribe and it might make sense for them to flip on old Luvu and work with old Yase.

What might happen during Survivor  season 41’s eighth episode

This could point to that not being the case, but what happens next confirms that the merge beach is going to stay turbulent next week. We then see several more players have their names thrown out. Evvie is joined by Tiff, Heather Aldret, Naseer, and Xander. With all of these people being mentioned, it’s hard to see it being kept quiet.

That could lead to them all starting to work together, especially if someone like Ricard Foye can bring them all together with his outside perspective. If that happens, the preview edit might be misleading us and someone from the alliance of Shan, Liana Wallace, Danny McCray, and Deshawn Radden might be on their way to Ponderosa.

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Regardless, it’s clear from the final few clips that not even the players really know what’s going on. That makes it even more difficult to predict what’s going to happen because there are still idols in play. If the whole tribe is this all over the place, it would make sense to play your idol and save yourself. Of course, production is likely trying to fool us with this edit, but we’d be surprised if everyone holds onto their idols. It’s just too scary at this stage of the game if there are no defined tribal lines for one of the three idols in play to not be used.