Survivor Season 41 episode 8 power rankings

“They Hate Me ‘Cause They Ain’t Me” — Xander Hastings on the fourth episode SURVIVOR 41, airing Wednesday, Oct.13th (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment 2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
“They Hate Me ‘Cause They Ain’t Me” — Xander Hastings on the fourth episode SURVIVOR 41, airing Wednesday, Oct.13th (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment 2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved. /

Survivor Season 41 had a truly all-over-the-place eighth episode. Almost half of the remaining tribe’s castaways had their names thrown out and alliances are seemingly changing by the second. With so much turbulence in the air, this whole thing could go sideways at the drop of the hat.

That means our power rankings skew to players who either seem well-insulated or have power in the form of an idol. Those players could still get cut, but it seems less likely. Either way, this season has unquestionably become more exciting in terms of how fast-paced the game has gotten since Survivor Season 41 hit the merge.

Survivor Season 41 week 8 power rankings

Out) Tiffany Seely (Last: 8) – The writing has been on the wall for Tiff for a few weeks now. She simply never had the numbers and has proven to be somewhat erratic, making her an ally most players probably won’t want to work with. That said, the show will certainly be less fun without her.

10) Heather Aldret (Last: 11) – Similar to Tiff, Heather isn’t long for this game. She’s skating by so far by being someone no one seems to view as a threat, but she ruined her standing this week by sending tribal council into disarray for seemingly no reason. Look, if she was planning to work with Tiff and the other Yase members to bring the people on the bottom together, she needed to do that before tribal. Doing it the way she did will only give her a target for being a wildcard.

9) Erika Casupanan (Last: 10) –  Erika really needs to break away from the Luvu majority if she wants to stand a chance. Currently, it looks like she might make it to the final six at best. Unfortunately, she looks to have blown her chances following the big merge twist.

8) Liana Wallace (Last: 9) – We really thought Liana might be a target this week after her major snafu. Fortunately for her, it doesn’t seem like many of the players on the bottom are interested in changing things up on her majority alliance. That said, we do think she’s the most vulnerable of those players right now. If things go sideways, she could be in trouble.

7) Evvie Jagoda (Last: 5) – Evvie made what we see as a mistake in showing how much of a threat they were. Just win the challenge and get your prize. Don’t explain that you’ve done this challenge in your living room. You’re already a huge threat and now you’re just inflating that target. Maybe it doesn’t hurt them in the long run, but it feels like an unforced error.

6) Shantel “Shan” Smith (Last: 3) – Shan continues to drop down our rankings because she’s always overplaying everything. She had so much control on Ua and she can’t seem to let it go now that she doesn’t need to run everything. That puts her in a position where everyone is getting upset with her for being too controlling. If she can hang on, she could win, but we’re starting to doubt if she can pull this off.

5) Naseer Muttalif (Last: 7) – Naseer might be ranked a bit too high given his game thus far. However, he has that idol, which makes him a threat to switch things up. We’d like to see some real strategy from him, but he’s safer than some of the players above without any advantage in their pocket.

4) Xander Hastings (Last: 4) – Look, Xander is ranked this high because of his advantages. If things don’t change in the tribal makeup, he’ll drop like a rock once he uses them. He just doesn’t have any numbers that seem solid. Xander is a very good Survivor player and that looks like it’s going to be his eventual undoing.

3) Danny McCray (Last: 6) – Danny is quietly in a very good spot. We’ve been low on him for a few weeks now because he hasn’t really factored into the edit that much. That said, it’s getting increasingly tough to imagine a final five that doesn’t include him. He’s in the majority alliance but doesn’t seem to be viewed as the major threat on the beach. That’s a great spot to be at this point in the game.

2) Ricard Foye (Last: 1) – While Ricard’s papaya etiquette could use some work, he remains one of the better game players left on Survivor Season 41. Though, we do have to point out that his attempt to get Xander to play the idol was pretty comical. Currently, he seems to be in just about every discussion and we haven’t seen his name come up. He doesn’t feel like the winner, but we think he’ll go far.

1) Deshawn Radden (Last: 2) – Deshawn is in a great place after this week. He still has the numbers of the majority but has positioned himself to take control of the tribe if they decide to get Shan out soon. If he can pull that heist off within the next few weeks, the door for a Deshawn victory will be wide open.

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