Survivor Season 41 episode 11 power rankings

We’re only a few weeks away from the finale of Survivor Season 41. With just a few votes to go, things are bound to get wild as players try to solidify their spot in the Final 3 and have a chance to win the million dollars. Last week, we saw a four-person alliance seemingly form that could run the game, but these things are far from certain with how this season has been going. Let’s look at where each player stands heading into the penultimate episode.

Survivor Season 41 Week 11 power rankings

Out) Liana Wallace (Last: 7) – This was maybe the least surprising boot we could’ve gotten after everything that happened. The target was squarely on Deshawn Radden this week, but after he won the “Do or Die” twist, Liana was the obvious next choice. Unfortunately, with Deshawn and Danny McCray betraying Shantel “Shan” Smith last week, their alliance has completely imploded and Liana fell victim to the fallout.

6) Heather Aldret (Last: 6) – We’ve consistently ranked Heather on the low-end of our power rankings because she doesn’t seem to have any real game to speak of. That’s the kind of goat you want to take to the end, but it also means she’s holding a more deserving player’s spot. Depending on how things shake out, this could be the tribe’s last chance to cut her out of the end game and secure that spot for themselves.

5) Deshawn Radden (Last: 2) – Deshawn’s stock seems to be falling like a rock. His biggest saving grade is that he might be able to rope Heather and Erika Casupanan back in. We already know that Erika wants to get Ricard out, so that should be his path forward. However, it’s hard to see who Heather and Erika are more locked in with at this point. Incredibly, the game is almost hanging in their hands.

4) Erika Casupanan (Last: 3) – Speaking of Erika, we still love her as a dark horse. She’s almost certainly making the Final 3 at this point. There are just so many other big targets left, that no one is seemingly going to come for her. That said, we’re lowering her stock ever so slightly because Xander’s idol has gotten incredibly powerful as we lose more players.

3) Xander Hastings (Last: 5) – Xander might be in the best spot of anyone. He’s guaranteed to make the final five if he plays his idol. And, if he can win immunity this week, he will, at worst, be making fire at the final four. Right now, it looks like he’s locked in with Ricard Foye, which is probably good for him. He needs to keep Erika and Heather on board to give him the best chance to sit at the final tribal.

2) Danny McCray (Last: 4) – Danny is in a very interesting spot. You could argue he hasn’t made many strategic moves this season, but he’s certainly been in the mix of everything. Plus, it seems like just about everyone loves him. That makes him a major threat if he can somehow make it to the end of the game. His path to get there is going to be rough. Here’s hoping he’s practicing making fire.

1) Ricard Foye (Last: 1) – Ricard’s spot on top of the rankings feels tenuous. Everyone knows he’s a threat, which means he should be targeted. That said, he’s done everything right thus far, so it wouldn’t be surprising if he can pull a few more rabbits out of his hat. Even still, we will not be surprised if he’s the target next week. His game has been so strong and Xander might the only person who truly wants to keep him around.