Survivor winners: Ranking all 45 Sole Survivors by season

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Best Survivor Winners No.11: Sarah Lacina (Survivor Game Changers)

In a season dubbed “Game Changers” by Jeff Probst right off the bat, the prompt given to players is that they were selected for their ability to change and adapt their play on the fly.

That’s exactly what Sarah Lacina did, as she swore on her children, her family, the deceased, literally anyone she could think of, in order to secure her safety.

What Sarah did was play a passive, but manipulative game. She made even the most seasoned Survivor veterans feel comfortable, including receiving a Secret Advantage from a player who was voted out by her.

Sarah even made Cirie Fields look foolish by reading each scenario ahead of time, giving her the opportunity to look better in retrospect.

She learned from one of the best Survivor winners, adapting the gameplay an even performed it better, although doing so without a lot of entertainment value for watchers at home.

Regardless, Sarah Lacina is the more conniving, tactical half of the most successful partnership in Survivor history: Cops R Us.