A true legend was eliminated in Survivor season 46 episode 4

After causing a season's worth of chaos in four episodes, one of the most inspiring castaways in the history of Survivor was eliminated in "Don't Touch the Oven."

Bhanu Gopal from the CBS Original Series SURVIVOR, scheduled to air on the CBS Television Network. -- Photo: Robert Voets/CBS ©2023 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Bhanu Gopal from the CBS Original Series SURVIVOR, scheduled to air on the CBS Television Network. -- Photo: Robert Voets/CBS ©2023 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved. /

Through a third of Survivor season 46, Bhanu Gopal of the Yanu tribe has been the star. No, they haven't won a single challenge yet. Yes, he likely could have been eliminated in the third episode of the season, which would have seen Yanu back at tribal council for the third straight time. Bhanu looked to have a new lease on life in Survivor, and he had a chance to do the funniest thing possible: become the Survivor villain he was meant to be. 

Instead, before he even knew he was staying in the game, Bhanu sealed his fate in Survivor season 46, episode 4.

Who was voted out in Survivor season 46 episode 4?

Bhanu was the fourth person eliminated in Survivor season 46. His tribe didn't actually cast votes at tribal council. They agreed it was Bhanu's time to go home, and that's what happened, but not before Bhanu was able to tell his story. He told Jeff and the Yanu tribe about growing up in poverty in India, putting himself through school, immigrating to America, and all of those struggles in between.

It all became too much for the Yanu tribe and Bhanu, which boiled over with Kenzie in the show's fourth episode. Bhanu broke down more than a few times so far. I'm not judging! Survivor is a hard game. He'd also nearly blown up two tribal councils in spectacular fashion. His tribe nearly turned on him twice after revealing his alliance and the person his alliance was targeting. He also revealed critical information about his tribemates and alliance to Ben and Liz when selected to leave the immunity challenge and participate in a puzzle-building challenge with a chance to obtain an extra vote at an upcoming tribal council. And, that was the end of Bhanu's time on the show.

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After Randen was pulled from the game, we see in "Don't Touch the Oven" that Bhanu admits to his tribe what he said to Liz and Ben. He knows it was a mistake, and now, Q and Tiffany agree they can't work with Bhanu to blindside Kenzie.

On the surface, that's a lot of chaos in four episodes, and that's why Bhanu is a true legend of Survivor. Bhanu made it clear, when on the brink of elimination in the third episode, says, "I didn't come to Survivor to win a million dollars, I came to win a million hearts." 

I mean, what an epic line! I genuinely believe that Bhanu loves the game so much and he wants to pour that love into the game. We can see the passion he's playing with. He told EW's Dalton Ross he wanted to play the game with honesty.

"I thought: Let me play my way, which is just try and see if honesty works or not, because when I looked at someone on the show. I just couldn't relate to it. It's a great gameplay, but is that how I want to play? I want to try something different. So that's what I did. I tried something different. "

The thing is, Bhanu wasn't really playing the game the same way that everyone else was playing. Everyone else is playing to win, and that's the crazy thing! If Bhanu was playing to win, he actually set himself up in a position to be taken to the end. He just made two critical mistakes. Spilling about his tribe and then telling them about it.

Bhanu had, without even really trying, managed to blow up the games of the three remaining people in his tribe. He had convinced every person in the game so far that the only thing he cared about is staying in the game, but not winning the game. No one thought of him as a threat in any facet of the game, including challenges, camp life, and strategy. It's a great spot to be in! We've seen others make it to the end using that same strategy. Become a loyal vote and then stick to it!

Unfortunately for Bhanu, he never realized that was a worthwhile strategy. He tried to be everyone's friend in a way, and doing that in such a heavy-handed way was, inevitably, what ended his time on season 46.

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