Chris Hammons (Survivor Millennials vs Gen X) Finally Solves His Puzzle


When Chris Hammons was voted out of Survivor Millennials Vs Gen X, Taylor prevented him from solving a puzzle at Ponderosa. Justice prevailed today.

When you’re a member of the jury in Survivor, it’s just all waiting and relaxation between tribal councils leading up to the final tribal councils. Some jury members work out, others mend tattered relationships that generate from blindsides. When Chris Hammons made it to Ponderosa for Survivor Millennials vs Gen X, he spent his time working on a Coca-Cola puzzle.

Unfortunately for him, fellow jury member Taylor Stocker messed around with the puzzle, removing pieces so it can never be solved. After a few days, Chris Hammons gave up, pledging that he would buy the puzzle, solve it himself back at home, and show the world the finished product.

That day is today, as Chris has finally solved the Coca-Cola puzzle.

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It wasn’t a process completed without difficulty, although nothing is too tough for a committed Gen X-er, right? As Chris mentions in an earlier tweet, despite buying the 1000-piece puzzle and completing 99.97% of the entire thing, three pieces were missing. Of course, unless Taylor was following Chris back to his home and hiding the pieces once more, that means the puzzle was going to be left incomplete once more.

Of course, in contrast to the “work smarter, not harder” mentality, Chris Hammons is a Gen X-er, dammit! If he sets himself on a quest to complete a Coca-Cola puzzle, his word is golden! So, as we learned, he overnighted an identical puzzle set to his house, with the goal of completing this arduous task once and for all.

Despite having to pick out 1/333th of the puzzle pieces out of the new box in order to have one finished product, Chris used his keen skills as a trial attorney to spot the identical types of pieces, sort through the mess, and, by process of elimination, finally solve the damn puzzle and find peace with his life.

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It just goes to show what kind of determined spirit Chris Simmons possesses. We hope to see him back on the island Sooner rather than later.