Survivor edgic: Survivor Game Changers episode 12 brought humanity

With loved ones visiting the Mamanuca Islands, Survivor Game Changers episode 12 brought humanizing moments and game-winning teases.

With five players to be voted out of Survivor Game Changers over the next two weeks, Survivor edgic has never been so crucial. Using both the edit and logic to determine the winner of a season, there are cases to be made for just a few of the eight players remaining in this game, as episode 12, “It’s Not a High Without a Low,” made the winning and losing candidates stand out.

Inside Survivor has posted the Survivor edgic for episode 12 of Survivor Game Changers, balancing out last week’s gameplay-heavy edit with one that focuses on the inspiration that loved ones give the players in their goal of winning a million dollars. Surprisingly enough, despite the meeting of the loved ones took up so much episode time, hanging out with them (minus Cirie’s son and neat lady Monica Culpepper) didn’t occupy too much screentime.

I’m going to break it down with who I think, using the Survivor edgic so far this season, has the best shot to win Survivor Game Changers, in order.

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Without a doubt, vice cop (disguised as a criminal) Sarah Lacina has been earning her screentime with some big moves since the merge. She was not the focus of this episode, but she did show her cutthroat game by working to get Sierra out in order to secure her Legacy Advantage. She has received a complex personality rating in each post-merge episode sans one, where she got a positive edit. Her moves haven’t been viewed as Tony-level bad, either, making her the biggest threat to win.

Considering her threat level all season as one of the game’s masterminds, Cirie Fields continues to work alongside Andrea in taking out the minority alliance. She even gave a key quote about playing for that million dollars to support her family (and visiting son) this episode, teasing at a possible winner edit. She hasn’t been as overt in her gameplay, but she’s easily got the greatest story for fans to root on towards a possible victory.

An outside shot to win (if either those two are voted out or someone messes up their own game) is Brad Culpepper. Of all the players in the minority alliance, Brad continues to be visible, play well with those who are now on the opposing alliance, can win Individual Immunity, isn’t shown being that negative (with the exception of a contextless preview for the next episode) and can convince his jury friends he’s deserving for outlasting them. Plus, he’s been following #WWMD to a T, gathering inspiration from her in the last episode.

Andrea Boehlke could make it to the end of Survivor Game Changers, but her Survivor edgic has been inconsistent. She was invisible until she took part in Ozzy’s vote out, and has been in the spotlight since. With Andrea and Sierra being the targets of the vote recently, she may need to string some individual immunity wins together at the risk of being considered the biggest threat right now.

Everyone else doesn’t seem to have a shot to win Survivor Game Changers. There are few ways that Tai Trang or Michaela Bradshaw can win this season with their Survivor edgic so far, as both of them are either willing to be thrown under the bus or are perceived as annoying, aggressive players. They’d need to pair up with Troyzan and somehow be the only ones at the Final Tribal Council for that to occur, though, as Tai would likely have to idol out against his alliance to do so.

Troyzan Robertson and Aubry Bracco won’t likely win Survivor Game Changers, either, strictly due to their Survivor edgic. Tony Vlachos had more to say via confessionals this season than Troyzan, and he was voted out in the premiere! Aubry has been shown off a bit more recently, but detailing the strategies and perspectives of other players. Both have had edits counter to their previous seasons, indicating their unlikely chances of winning.

Survivor Game Changers episode 13, “Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow,” airs on Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET, complete with two tribal councils ahead of the six-player season finale. Next week, I’ll be making the final prediction for who wins this season, strictly based on the Survivor edgic we’ve seen to that point.