Survivor: Game Changers: What impact did Aubry have on the game?

Aubry finished fith on Survivor: Game Changers. Will her record leave a mark on the game as a whole, or will she stay a two-time player?

Aubry actually set a Survivor record during Game Changers. She finished this season’s variant of the house of cards challenge faster than anyone ever had before. That and calling John Cochran her “boyfriend” during said challenge probably constitute her biggest moments in Game Changers.

Why? Well, as the edgic showed, throughout the season, she didn’t get much attention at all. She didn’t really lead an alliance, but unlike, say, Sarah, who did much the same in not becoming a figurehead, Aubry basically played from the bottom for the bulk of the season.

It’s a stark contrast to her game in Kaoh Rong, where she excelled strategically and had a shot to win the game. She even actually had some jury votes.

Aubry herself noted this season that her games seem to be roller coasters — “highs and lows” to use her words — and that’s true. Going through that can’t be easy.

But let’s speculate a bit here. In Game Changers, she showed that she can actually win an immunity challenge, and she made connections with people (usually only to see them voted off summarily). In Kaoh Rong, she showed her strategic chops.

It’s perhaps not outside the realm of possibility that she could return. What we’d like to see is actually a couple of years between her appearance on Game Changers and a next time on a returnee season of Survivor. Often, a few years offers some real perspective for the player, resulting in some interesting changes in how they approach the game. This doesn’t guarantee Aubry would be the same way, but her Brains designation from Kaoh Rong suggests that she might take some time to reflect.

Her recent Facebook post seems to suggest that that delay might vary well be a reality. That does assume that the Survivor casting department also wants her back. But, as my colleague noted in the linked post, she played 76 days in two seasons — and has only been voted out once. That’s impressive.

Would you like to see Aubry back on Survivor?