Report: Survivor Ghost Island tribes have been leaked


Just days before the official reveal at the season 35 reunion, the tribe names and divisions for Survivor Ghost Island have been reportedly leaked.

One of the best parts about the Survivor reunion semi-annual festivities is the release of new information about the upcoming season. The last few seasons haven’t been spectacular, so those two-odd minutes at the end of the three-hour Survivor-fest, we get a glimpse at hope; a future where entirely new character archetypes and gameplay moves are possible.

Of course, CBS isn’t always in charge of when people get to know first tidbits about an upcoming season. We’ve known about the rumored Survivor Ghost Island name for months now, so far as to see specific members of production post pictures of the logo while on location. We even know all of the 20 players expected to play, their ages and most of their jobs, but now we received another piece of the puzzle from Inside Survivor.

Here are the Survivor Ghost Island tribe names and players, denoted by age:

Malolo Tribe: Orange buff (Average age: 26.7 years old)

  • Michael Yerger (18)
  • Jacob Derwin (22)
  • Jenna Bowman (23)
  • James Lim (24)
  • Libby Vincek (24)
  • Donathan Hurley (26)
  • Stephanie Gonzalez (26)
  • Laurel Johnson (29)
  • Stephanie Johnson (34)
  • Brendan Shapiro (41)

Naviti Tribe: Purple buff (Average age: 29.3 years old)

  • Desiree “Des London” Afuye (21)
  • Sebastian Noel (22)
  • Bradley Kleihege (25)
  • Chelsea Townsend (25)
  • Chris Noble (27)
  • Morgan Ricke (29)
  • Kellyn Bechtold (30)
  • Wendell Holland (33)
  • Domenick Abbate (38)
  • Angela Perkins (43)

Both Survivor Ghost Island tribes are reportedly named after volcanic islands of the Mamanuca Islands region of Fiji, where CBS has been filming its recent (and future) seasons of the show.

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What I find interesting about the tribe divisions (besides the average ages both being below the lowest average season age of any season in the show’s history) is that the tribes are not divided by twist or theme designated by the season’s name. This is the first time that this has happened since Survivor Samoa in a newbie season, which is quite ridiculous when you look back.

Going back to the age thing, I find the age division quite perplexing. There are just two people older than 40 (one man, one woman) and just four people in their 30s (two men, two women). That means there are 13 people who are in their 20s, with one teenager rounding things out. Furthermore, nobody looks less than in ideal or athletic shape, which is quite startling and immediately noticeable.

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Survivor Ghost Island will air on February 28, 2018, in a two-hour Wednesday night premiere that will likely bring us down from 20 to 18 players.