Report: Survivor Fiji filming schedule booked through season 40


While playing in Fiji for season after season may not be favored by a majority of Survivor fans, getting a reported confirmation of season 40 might be.

One of the worst aspects of modern Survivor is the sameness in location. The show has been reliably filmed in Fiji since season 33, Millennials vs. Gen X, and after watching the same beaches and challenge locations in Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers, things have certainly not felt as fresh each season.

We already know that Survivor Ghost Island, a season based on the mistakes of past players, will also be filmed in Fiji, and that the local government is offering CBS huge rebates for filming and promoting their island nation. With casting finals happening recently and into the new year, we also knew that Survivor season 37 and 38 would both happen and be filmed in Fiji.

Now, torturecityjj on Reddit has discovered a story from The Fiji Times Online, reporting that the Mana Island Resort and Spa in Fiji will close for five months in 2018 and 2019 to film future seasons of Survivor. “This buyout is for next year and the following year as well, so it is certainly great for Fiji,” Mana Island general manager Patrick Wong said.

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With Ghost Island being season 36, and filming taking place for next year being for season 37 and 38, filming for “the following year” would guarantee a season 40, marking a huge milestone for the popular reality competition show.

So far, modern Fiji seasons have been comprised of three newbie seasons and one returnee season (Game Changers). Although it seems like casting is for newbies in the next few seasons, as well, it’s the season 39 and 40 seasons that bring us the most speculation. Either one of these seasons seems best to hold the rumored “Legends” or “All Winners” seasons, as you get the “39 seasons, 39 days, 1 Ultimate Sole Survivor” motif with one and the alignment with season 20, Heroes vs. Villains, with season 40.

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While the opportunities are endless, one thing should ring happiest for Survivor fans; the show will likely go on until 2020!