Report: Survivor season 37 casting looking for superhero-like types


If you look like JP Hilsabeck or a female version of Patrick Bolton, word on the street is Survivor casting is actively searching for you for season 37.

While some are down on Survivor season 35, Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers, in general, you have to admit that some of their most entertaining characters have been out-of-the-box types or older players. Lauren gives the laywoman a lot to cheer for, while Ben and Chrissy (some of the oldest players left) are directing the flow of the game at this point.

Sure, there are a ton of young, attractive players such as Devon and JP still in the game, but for the most part, the more entertaining, complex players of this past season have been players you wouldn’t expect to see interchangeable on a show like Big Brother. A strong balance for both can make great, entertaining television, although casting for future Survivor seasons may skew even younger.

According to the reputable Survivor casting reporter Martin Holmes on TwitterSurvivor season 37 casting has been focusing on recruiting players with descriptions that you would expect from The Bachelor. “Captain America” and “gorgeous female redheads” are just some of the descriptors passed along by Martin, who went further into detail in the Survivor subreddit.

Some of the reported recruitment posts are quite particular, but certain disheartening for the average person who could represent a better-than-average player.  “Searching for gorgeous female redheads who are single, adventurous and have a job,” reads one post, with a 24-34 age range given. The male description even includes the passage, “If you can’t see them as a lead in a movie or TV show they probably aren’t right for this.”

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What should be stated is that Survivor casting has always been a division of finding players through the application process and recruiting through talent agencies and assorted social media outlets. For example, Cole Medders is a self-admitted recruit, having not watched much of the show before being scouted and brought to the island.

Not all recruits are going to be poster-esque statue people, either. Earl from Survivor Fiji was recruited a few days before his season was shot, and he’s one of the greatest winners in the show’s history. Their inexperience and flashiness provide an entertainment value that comes counter to seasoned fans’ experience, making for potentially dynamic seasons.

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Still, even as a Canadian who can’t get on the show (come on, Survivor Canada!), it’s a bummer to hear how narrow the vision is for the show’s headhunters.