Survivor Ghost Island Ponderosa: Juror No. 6


Though she didn’t have many interesting things to say to the camera, Survivor Ghost Island juror No. 6 reached Ponderosa and opened up on her game.

This post will display the Survivor Ghost Island Ponderosa video for the latest juror, as well as discuss the events of episode 12, “A Giant Game of Bumper Cars.”

After winning Immunity twice in a row, you would have thought Chelsea would beast her way further into the game. Having spoken directly to the camera just three times before her elimination episode, we got to see very little of the very tiny EMT. There’s something about those working in tense job situations for their career translating to boring Survivor play, but in following the footsteps of J.P. Hilsabeck before her, Chelsea was voted out with little fanfare.

Even though the fracturing of “Naviti Strong” has started to take place, it came as the cost of one of the few Naviti players to plot against the majority’s wishes twice. Now she heads to Ponderosa in eighth place knowing that even though she’s out of the game, she was willing to take a shot at one of the power players. You can’t win them all, can you?

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There’s not much in this Ponderosa that isn’t typical of the experience. Chelsea’s out of the game, she’s struggling to drop the game and just be a normal person, she eats a big meal, everyone at Ponderosa is happy to see her yet sad it was under those circumstances; it’s same old, same old.

One thing that is noteworthy is that Chelsea is that friend you know who likes to play games. Breaking that meta level by playing “One Word” with people you’ve been trying to plot and scheme against was a fun little side note, and definitely was not hilarious in the fact that the quietest player in the game chose to play a game where you need to come up with just one word.

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No perfume commercials, no rap videos; this Survivor Ghost Island Ponderosa video fits the bill of what we expected from a Chelsea Townsend video.