Survivor Ghost Island Ponderosa: Juror No. 7 leaves with a smile


Though the shield that carried them throughout Survivor Ghost Island finally dropped, juror no. 7 didn’t fret or frown. All they could do is smile.

This post will discuss the events of Survivor Ghost Island episode 13 and the latest player to join the jury at Ponderosa.

Playing Survivor is but a small portion of each player’s life. At best, you strike out for five and a half weeks on your own and hope to win a million dollars. The player with the longest time spent playing the game has spent roughly a third of a year out there, and that’s roughly less than a percent of his life in the game.

Even in that extreme case, the game has a certain value to people based on their lives. John Cochran might treasure his win as a Survivor superfan way more than Natalie White ever would for a variety of reasons (chief among them getting angry comments throughout your life from the online community).

Kellyn Bechtold is one of those superfans who cherishes every single day she was playing Survivor Ghost Island, and she’s going to appreciate it even when the game is over. That much can be seen in her Ponderosa video, showing just how much she’s smiling, getting giggly and emoting over every little milestone that comes with the island resort adventure.

Though she was wary people wouldn’t welcome her with open arms, you could see why the jury was bummed to see Kellyn go home in seventh place (and why it was a smarter decision to take her out at that point). Not only did people appreciate her company, but players like Libby even reached out to talk to her one-on-one for the first time.

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Concerned she wouldn’t get to have “a thing” other than being cheery, Kellyn did organize “Survivor Sunshine” boxes for players to leave notes in throughout the rest of Ponderosa. Kellyn was really a fun, charming, warm-hearted person, and genuinely gets people’s spirits high when she’s around, and the idea of creating cute pick-me-ups with inside jokes on them for players to open on a rainy day shows the true nature of her character.