Survivor Ghost Island pre-finale edgic: Twos are wild

Photo: Screen Grab/CBS Entertainment ©2018 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Photo: Screen Grab/CBS Entertainment ©2018 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved. /

Though it’s a foregone conclusion that one of two players will likely win, we might as well show the Survivor Ghost Island pre-finale edgic chart anyways.

It’s been a bit of a bummer to keep up with the edgic posts this season. Perhaps it’s the quality of play from the Survivor Ghost Island players or the predictability of where the vote’s headed each episode, but it feels more like the show has emphasized advantages and past lore more than a third of the remaining castaways.

Since the merge, we’ve felt like either Wendell or Domenick was going to win Survivor Ghost Island, giving Kellyn and Michael a faint chance as the only players even worth mentioning in the conversation. Ever since the merge, even the edit has been burying Wendell’s chances episode by episode, making a former two-horse race interesting only if you stick to the season’s theme hard.

Here’s our final Survivor Ghost Island edgic chart before we collect our thoughts after the finale:

Survivor Ghost Island edgic pre-finale
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The only people with a real chance to win

Domenick Abbate (CP5): Throughout the merge, it’s felt like the Dom and Wendell show, with Dom acting as the ringleader. He’s already been footnoted for a vote by Donathan if he makes the jury, he’s commented about his willingness to cut Wendell if need be and he’s been visible throughout the season.

The only way Domenick Abbate doesn’t become the next Sole Survivor is if he makes a fatal decision that costs him jury votes at the end, tying into the “one bad decision can haunt you forever” mantra that this season has been pushing almost every episode.

Wendell Holland (CPN3): Consider this a very light negative tone, but his debacle with the Immunity Challenge didn’t have to be shown. It had to have been deliberately kept in, and perhaps the reason why is because it highlights that Wendell’s social game isn’t as strong as it may seem.

With so many bad reads on the game and who should go home, Wendell wins if somehow Domenick doesn’t make it to the Final Tribal Council or an epic screwup by someone else aids his chances.

Survivor Ghost Island finale Laurel Johnson
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Maybe gets a vote if they’re at the end. Maybe.

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Laurel Johnson (CP3): Laurel’s edit in the penultimate episode of Survivor Ghost Island sums up her game. She gets dragged along by Domenick and Wendell, she says she knows when to make a move against them, finds herself safe and backs down immediately on taking them out while going with the safe vote.

The only vote I see her getting comes from Donathan if one of either Domenick or Wendell are on the jury. Her edit might as well be holding up a sign saying “3rd place juror.”

Donathan Hurley (OTTN4): The last episode turned Donathan’s “4th place journey edit” into a “flames out at the last minute” edit. A season filled with touching moments and attempts to grow as a person and as a player has turned into one where he looks manic, wild and out of control.

This is done either to downplay a Final Four fire-making challenge loss to lessen the impact of that awful twist in general or to suggest he’s the next target for Dom and Wendell to take out. If he gets dragged to the end as a goat and talks about his hidden alliance/talk up his family support role at home, he may grab a bitter Chris Noble vote on a 1% chance.

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Survivor Ghost Island Episode 13 Sebastian Noel
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Those with maligned edits

Sebastian Noel (MOR2): We saw Sebastian’s Ghost Island trip get cut down to size, emphasizing just how pointless this season’s twist has become in a railroaded season. The only player left in the game not to receive a single complex personality edit, Sebastian must have really disappointed production, who saw him as a wacky character in the beginning.

Angela Perkins (UTRN1): Without being lambasted by Jeff Probst in the Immunity Challenge last episode, Angela Perkins would have been mentioned with just one spoken sentence in episode 13. She also spoke just one sentence in episode 11, showing just how invisible she’s been. Though she’s been on the outs since forever, perhaps she’s also been buried to downplay the bad Final Four twist?

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Kellyn Bechtold (CP3): How bad did Kellyn’s edit turn out? She was displayed as an erratic player coming apart at the seams at the notion of someone dropping “Naviti Strong,” was responsible for a big chunk of how Survivor Ghost Island‘s voting shaped up and got downplayed hard in her own boot episode. Of all complaints about the Final Eight’s edits, Kellyn was made out to be a pariah.