Survivor Ghost Island Ponderosa: Final jurors have no regrets


Though they fell just short of a shot at a million dollars, the final three jurors hit Ponderosa after a wild Survivor Ghost Island season played by others.

It was a two-horse race throughout the entirety of Survivor Ghost Island. Domenick and Wendell were given so much focus throughout the season, and once Kellyn was voted out it became clear that nothing would stand in their way.

That meant that the final members of the jury would be reaching Ponderosa having tried to make a move but being unable to stop those two juggernauts. Surprisingly enough, the eighth member of the jury, Sebastian Noel, actually tried to step up his game and make a huge move before reaching Ponderosa and were it not for Angela’s meddling and blurting out the plan to Domenick, he might have had a shot at the end.

Fortunately, Sea Bass took it all in stride (completely to his character) and reached Ponderosa well-fed and ready to get back to life outside the game. Normally I don’t comment about how much weight each player lost but at just six pounds lost, you could tell that he was doing well for himself on the island after catching fish and receiving that steak dinner reward.

What made Sebastian’s Survivor Ghost Island Ponderosa video stick out was that he assigned everyone a spirit animal. Picking from his box of at least a hundred different toy animals, he went to his fellow jury members and told them a mythical tale about his ancestry and gave them each their own spirit animal. Wouldn’t be surprised if the fanfic writers were gushing over Sebastian and Michael!

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Donathan finished in fifth place, but he was also one of the few players to make it to finale night while actively campaigning against Domenick and Wendell. The Survivor experience definitely opened him up to being a more confident person, and you could see it in his Ponderosa video.

While it’s a bummer that he didn’t have a “thing” that makes most Ponderosa videos special, you could see the love coming his way from all the Survivor Ghost Island players surrounding him. Players who he helped get rid of from the majority alliance (including fellow Malolo players) didn’t feel too bummed out, but instead embraced the person maturing in front of their eyes.

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Angela Perkins’ Ponderosa video has not yet been released, but we will update this post once it becomes available.