Survivor’s Boston Rob, Kim Spradlin and more on Poker Night in America

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Tyson Apostol, Jeremy Collins, Kim Spradlin and Boston Rob will highlight Survivor players set for Poker Night in America on Tuesday night.

Survivor is (tangentially) like the game of poker. You can have the best possible hand heading into the final draw and lose everything in the end, sometimes due to your own fault or how the cards fell. You could flop a “winning” full house only for an opponent to have a better full house and beat you, just like we proverbially saw during Survivor Ghost Island.

More so, the Survivor community is no stranger to poker. Rob Cesternino has made an annual trip to Reno tied in with the Run It Up Reno poker event, providing fans with a live Know-it-Alls show while playing some poker throughout the weekend. That’s why it’s a natural fit that some of the greatest players in the history of the show will play poker against each other later tonight.

As explained on the Poker Night in America Twitter account, Boston Rob, Kim Spradlin, Jeremy Collins and Tyson Apostol will be playing tonight at 7 p.m. PT. You can catch the action live on CBS Sports in every US state. For those without a special TV package, you can watch other poker content with play-by-play commentary live on Twitch.

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These Survivor winners are no strangers to live poker play. Tyson was playing in a heads-up poker tournament just over two months ago, benefitting the Raising for Effective Giving non-profit charity organization. Not only was Tyson up to his usual banter, but he seemed like he knew a bit about how to play poker beyond that of a casual player.

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Until we get our (hopeful) all-winners season of Survivor or some sort of Winners vs. Legends season makes it to CBS several years from now, you’re not going to find so many winners from the show all in one place on a CBS property. Might as well enjoy it during the live stream later tonight!