Survivor Ghost Island: Here’s how fans ranked the season

We turned over opinions on Survivor Ghost Island to you, asking you what you thought about the season ranked among others. Here are the results!

It’s been a long, long season of Survivor Ghost Island, and now we’re just over a week after that crazy finale. Though it seems like forever since the last episode, it’s likely going to be just under 90 days until we get the first official cast reveal for Survivor: David vs. Goliath, meaning we have more than enough time to reflect.

That’s why earlier this week, we put it to you to rank the season at large. Given a week to reflect on how things went from beginning to end, we wanted to get a better understanding of the instant reaction from a larger Survivor fanbase, as our writers have provided our fair share of opinionated content about the season.

We asked you one question; “Where does Survivor Ghost Island rank as a season?” Here are the results of our poll, as of press time:

  • Okay tier (No. 22-26) – 54 votes, 28%
  • Good tier (No. 16-21) – 33 votes, 17%
  • Great tier (No. 11-15) – 29 votes, 15%
  • Bad tier (No. 27-32) – 25 votes, 13%
  • Bottom tier (No. 33-36) – 21 votes, 11%
  • Elite tier (No. 6-10) – 16 votes, 8%
  • Top tier (top 5) – 13 votes, 7%
  • Total votes: 191

The general consensus is that Survivor Ghost Island is an okay season, ranking somewhere near the worst 12 seasons of the show’s history and just squeaking into the middle 12 seasons, at 28%. If you break it down to split between Good to Top Tier and Okay to Bottom Tier, you have 47% of people think it’s between No. 1-21 and 53% of people believe it’s between No. 22-36.

Of course, there’s no even split in the rankings, as there are seven tiers and they don’t split the top half and the bottom half. However, the multitude of advantages, narrow focus of an edit and a predictable two-horse race that ended in an unpredictable way makes for a boring season.

With Survivor: David vs. Goliath coming this Fall, there are a ton of entertainers known for cutting a hard promo (Johnny Mundo comes to mind) and there’s an inherent David vs. Goliath story dynamic. Hopefully, that makes for a better season overall, even if people will be split on their opinions.