Survivor: Brad and Monica Culpepper’s son, Rex, now cancer free

The son of two former Survivor players, Rex Culpepper (of Brad and Monica), has now completed his chemotherapy sessions to become officially cancer free.

About 10 weeks ago, we passed along the unfortunate news about Syracuse quarterback Rex Culpepper (son of Survivor players Brad and Monica Culpepper) being diagnosed with testicular cancer, having to undergo surgery. He was slated for a 10-week recovery and, admittedly, was in a “very treatable” stage, but you can only hope for the best on the path to recovery from the terrible disease.

Thankfully, 10 weeks later, it seems that the treatment has been a success. Per a video filmed by Syracuse football beat writer Stephen Bailey, Rex Culpepper is now “officially cancer free, per his father.” The bell he’s ringing is at the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, where he was undergoing his recovery.

Monica Culpepper was the first person from the family to compete on Survivor, participating in the One World season and finishing 14th. Still, her appearance was memorable enough to bring both her and her former NFL defensive lineman husband, Brad Culpepper, onto Blood vs. Water, where she finished in 2nd place to the season’s winner, Tyson Apostol. Brad Culpepper also finished second in his second season, Game Changers.

The Survivor family is no stranger to the efforts to eradicate cancer. Right now, you can bid on items from Ghost Island that made its way onto the show in an eBay auction, with proceeds going to Stand Up To Cancer, which is currently in its 10th year as a foundation.

Some of the items you can bid on include the Ghost Island season logo, the map to Ghost Island, challenge tiki statues, tribe flags and even the torches brought to Tribal Council. We’re grateful that Rex Culpepper is back and getting ready to get into game shape once again, and hope that one day nobody else will go through what he had to on his path to recovery.