Survivor Ghost Island: Should Sebastian Noel return?

Photo: Screen Grab/CBS Entertainment ©2018 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Photo: Screen Grab/CBS Entertainment ©2018 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved. /

Sebastian Noel treated his Survivor Ghost Island experience like a giggly, happy piece of Laffy Taffy. Does he deserve another shot at the game?

Not everyone cast for Survivor is either a superfan or a hard go-getter. Sebastian Noel made his presence known immediately as the lax, chill surfer dude from Florida, and he pretty much kept up that mentality all the way through the game. The dude is a reaction image factory, as he’s looking stoned as all hell or with a wide-eyed optimism of a puppy dog.

Though it ultimately didn’t go that far, his status as a Florida boy helped him bro down with Chris Noble immediately. The two were like kids in a candy shop, picking out candy with each other almost right away, setting the stage for just how likable Sebastian was on the island. Even if Sea Bass voted him out at the merge, it showed how approachable he was.

His naivete was exploited just once or twice, even if it ended up helping him out in the long run. Jenna Bowman flirted with Sea Bass a lot during the pre-merge phases of the game, which ended up getting him to find her cool enough to stick around for an extra vote. The two were even in a long-distance relationship until after the Survivor Ghost Island finale, and now the two live with each other and vlog about their experiences on the show.

Back to Sea Bass on his own, he pretty much played the part of voting number for most of the game. However, he visited Ghost Island right before the Final Six vote, giving him Kellyn‘s wasted extra vote once more. This allowed him to approach Angela and Donathan in order to flip the votes onto Domenick, and it would have completely caught Dom off guard with an idol in his pocket!

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Unfortunately, he made a move too late into Angela and Dom’s relationship, as she completely sold him out. Sebastian was voted out in grandiose fashion, as Domenick called him out on his plan and embarrassed him in front of the jury. However, it was Sea Bass’ opportunity to showcase his ability to create a move, and that may be enough if you vote in our straw poll to see if he deserves another shot in playing on Survivor.