Survivor Ghost Island: The players you voted to return

Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment ©2017 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment ©2017 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved. /

Over the past week, we’ve been asking you, the fans, to vote on who from Survivor Ghost Island you’d like to see compete again. Here are the results!

Though it seems like it will be forever until we get new Survivor on our television screens, it’s not too far away in reality. If you can believe it, the final days of season 38 are being filmed right now, with production about to shift towards the editing and shaping of the coming narratives. Having four players return as captains becomes a factor in those decisions, as those players have a story within the show’s history.

Survivor always loves to bring back players and give them another shot at winning a million dollars, partially because they’ve built a rapport with the audience. Players like Aubry and David have overcome extreme adversity to the conditions of camp life, while Kelley and Joe Anglim prove they are fighters in a game where it seems like everyone is against you.

With that in mind, the past week or so, we’ve been asking you, the Surviving Tribal community, to answer a series of straw polls, asking whether or not you want to see certain players return. Here are the results of those straw polls as of Saturday, June 30 at 11:30 a.m. ET:

  • Stephanie Gonzalez: 31% Yes, 69% No
  • Jacob Derwin: 50% Yes, 50% No
  • Morgan Ricke: 46% Yes, 54% No
  • Brendan Shapiro: 70% Yes, 30% No
  • Stephanie Johnson: 86% Yes, 14% No
  • James Lim: 45% Yes, 55% No
  • Bradley Kleihege: 45% Yes, 55% No
  • Chris Noble: 56% Yes, 44% No
  • Libby Vincek: 78% Yes, 22% No (influenced by Libby Vincek on social media)

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  • Desiree Afuye: 19% Yes, 81% No
  • Jenna Bowman: 22% Yes, 78% No
  • Michael Yerger: 93% Yes, 7% No
  • Chelsea Townsend: 43% Yes, 57% No
  • Kellyn Bechtold: 59% Yes, 41% No
  • Sebastian Noel: 51% Yes, 49% No
  • Donathan Hurley: 68% Yes, 32% No
  • Angela Perkins: 15% Yes, 85% No
  • Laurel Johnson: 39% Yes, 61% No
  • Domenick Abbate: 77% Yes, 23% No
  • Wendell Holland: 62% Yes, 38% No

Though it’s hard to glean anything concrete from these results, it’s interesting to see the demographics. Of the 20 players posted, nine of them are above 50% approval. Of those ten players, seven of them are male, and just three are female. Furthermore, of the five players below 40% approval, all of them are female.

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Perhaps that’s a reason why there are so few Survivor captains that are female players; the demographics suggest some audiences don’t want to see it. Either way, with Kelley and Aubry returning as season 38 captains, we’ll have proven players who have made deep runs in the game that fans have been disappointed to see lose the game. Can’t go wrong with that!