Survivor season 38’s name updated, gameplay elements extended (Report)


Survivor season 38’s name and gameplay location are two similar, but different, names, and the late game is going to get really confusing.

We’ve discussed the previous reports surrounding Survivor season 38, including a recent look that states the importance of finale night and the impact of the late game has. The recent update from Martin Holmes of Inside Survivor states that this twist has even wider effects on the show at large.

First comes the name change, as the season’s title plays on the island’s location name, but isn’t purely the name on its own as the subtitle. Despite the fact that anyone participating in the season’s theme location is able to drop out, anyone who stays with a derelict shelter, fewer supplies and the mental depreciation of others trying to get you to quit will have a bigger part of the game.

As reported, this means that literally everyone but those in the Final Three could still have an impact despite not interacting with the main players, including those who might not have played with anyone in the Final Three. It changes the dynamics of a game that continues to twist and turn in unpredictable ways.

For one, it tailors its gameplay format to the poster children for “beast it out” gameplay. Most importantly, completely ripping up the late game standard and throwing everyone together in different ways undermines the structure of Survivor itself. It’s supposed to be a group of your peers, yet there could be people who haven’t made the merge or even sat in the same tribe as the Final 3 have an impact.

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Survivor season 38’s season theme seems to get worse the more information is revealed. Of course, there are ways that it could revert back to its social experiment roots in the editing, but it will take the show firing on cylinders that have long since been shot out for it to work, in my eyes.