Report – 10 of Survivor season 38’s castaways have been revealed


The latest report for Survivor season 38 reveals the identity of six new players on top of the four players who were reported before the season finished.

Not too recently, I had written about the possibility of a social media clampdown affecting the Survivor casting spoiler community and its ability to find the castaways competing in Survivor season 38. A few days have passed, and we’re starting to see just how much difficult it is to find out who will be playing in the season airing next late-February or early March.

Martin Holmes of Inside Survivor is back at it again, revealing 10 of 18 players set to compete in the season following David vs. GoliathHowever, four of those players were already reported by him when the season was in early filming, meaning more than half of the new players remain a mystery several weeks after filming has ended.

The up-to-date list of players set to compete in Survivor season 38 can be found on his website.

Based on logical statistics regarding returning seasons (players we know will inevitably be older than their last appearance), it was expected that Survivor season 38 have a higher average contestant age than Ghost Island, which remains way and above the youngest season of the show by average age.

However, of the six players revealed so far, just one of them is older than 32 years old. 46 years of age is the oldest male player introduced to the Survivor community without being on another reality show since Paul Walker back in Millennials vs. Gen X. We also have the latest teenager to compete, while Martin throws the shade on one player by questioning just exactly what they for employment.

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We’ll be on the lookout for future Survivor season 38 casting reports as they come in up until September 1, as we’ll be changing our spoiler policy going forward.