Casting for Survivor season 39, season 40 has now begun


Though plans could change down the line, CBS is blaring out the casting klaxon right now in preparation for Survivor season 39 and season 40.

It’s an odd time for Survivor right now. We just saw the first-ever tie in a Final Tribal Council scenario, we have an Aussie version beat the David vs. Goliath theme to the punch, and we’ve heard only awful things about season 38: Edge of Extinction. Plus, just weeks ago it was revealed that the show has not received a single Emmy nomination for the first year in the show’s 18-year history.

With longtime casting director Lynne Spillman reportedly parting ways with CBS, a new era of casting is upon us. It could finally be you, the reader, who makes it on the show for Survivor season 39 and Survivor season 40, as former casting editor Lloyd Quinto has let the community know that casting season is starting back up!

Alongside the sad realization that he, too, will not join in on casting future seasons, Lloyd has always helped out the Survivor community come together and make the best use of the resources available. For example, you can apply online on the CBS casting website starting right now, with the recommendation that you provide a 30MB or smaller video that lasts just a few minutes long.

There are also open auditions held by local CBS affiliates all around the United States, but it’s a matter of strengths and weaknesses for what route you should go. You only get one minute in an open casting call, but you could impress casting if you nail it and you get to hang out with like-minded fans and (sometimes) former players.

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The Survivor season 39 and season 40 casting page indicates that those upcoming seasons are currently on a regular schedule, filming from mid-March to mid-May for the former and early June to early July for the latter. Unless plans are changed (still a possibility), that leaves out a Second Chances season where they bring the cast onstage and almost head out to the island immediately.