Report: 13th player from Survivor season 38 has been leaked


Ahead of the Survivor season 38 cast announcement, the 13th player of the season has been leaked, if insider reports are to be believed.

We’re getting close to the official full cast release for Survivor: David vs. Goliath, and we might not know of the full casts for both fully-filmed seasons before then. It’s been a hot minute since knowing the casts became such a last-minute deal, but with the 12th castaway revealed a week ago and the 11th a few weeks ago, we’re starting to get closer to the full picture with today’s reveal.

As reported by Martin Holmes of Inside Survivor, the 13th castaway for the 38th season of Survivor has been revealed. They are someone who’s used to being in front of the camera, having been an employee in their field for over a decade. They’re even a verified Twitter user just like some of the other contestants from this season. They’ll not be able to even acknowledge anything related to the show, however, due to NDAs.

A full list of the previously reported castaways from Survivor season 38 so far are available at the original source website. As a reminder, four of the castaways were confirmed while still competing out on the island, so the time difference between then over the summer and now before the newest season of the show begins.

At 34 years old, we’ve seen the second-oldest player of the season in their category, although not nearly as old as the oldest player revealed so far. With the full cast haven’t not been reported yet, it’s difficult to know where the players will be divided on a tribal level, although it looks like we’ll have a wider range of ages than we’ve seen the past two seasons.

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Survivor season 38 will air in Spring 2019, while David vs. Goliath will premiere on September 26 with a 90-minute debut.