Survivor Maryland New Beginnings: Players to watch after episode 2

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Survivor Maryland: New Beginnings presents a wide variety of characters that are sure to make for interesting drama as the season progresses.

Out of all the fan-made Survivor showsSurvivor Maryland has arguably been the most entertaining. Now in its sixth season and with a new host, this unique take on Survivor that involves college students competing for 79 days, has kept many glued to their screens. If you haven’t taken a look at Survivor: Maryland yet, this new season is a great place to start! Episodes 1 and 2 can be seen on YouTube hereWarning: spoilers for the first two episodes are ahead.

So far, New Beginnings hasn’t had any crazy Tribal Councils yet, as there’s been back to back unanimous votes. However, counter-tribal alliances have already formed and existing friendships have come into play, making the social dynamics very interesting. Here are a few players to watch as the season progresses.

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Abel Tesfa (Ferocity Tribe)

No one has more alliances than Abel. Both in his own tribe and on the opposing tribe, Abel has already cultivated several relationships. In a few cases, the other party feels like he’s their closest ally. This strategy might backfire in the end, but so far Abel’s approachable attitude is paying off as he appears to be in the clear majority.

Alex Kramer (Baesqwaad Tribe)

Although she hasn’t been the originator of many alliances, she has been included in quite a few of them. Everyone seems to trust Alex and wants to form a pact with her. We even saw Dylan text her in the middle of a conversation to go idol hunting. With Alex being in the stronger tribe, I could see her making the merge with a lot of people on her side.

Dylan Selbst (Baesqwaad Tribe)

You got to give props to someone who shows up twenty minutes early for the start of the season and even books a study room to have a tribe meeting. Plus, he’s the first person we have seen to search for an idol. Dylan is taking this game seriously and has a subtle leadership role over the tribe.

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Emily Tolino (Ferocity Tribe)

At this point, Emily appears to be the strongest girl on her tribe in terms of her social game. She makes an effort to meet with basically everyone and is now in the majority with Abel and the rest of the girls. If Abel and Emily continue to work together, that could be a powerful pairing that could control this game.