Survivor David vs. Goliath: Who would’ve won the Sprint fan favorite vote?

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It’s been over 10 seasons since the last Sprint Player of the Season was awarded, but which contestant would have won this fan favorite vote for Survivor: David vs. Goliath?

Remember when Survivor used to award one player at the reunion show with $100,000 for receiving the most fan votes? It was fun watching fan favorites like Rupert, Ozzy and Russell get recognized as the Sprint Player of the Season even though they couldn’t pull off the title of Sole Survivor. It’s been more than five years since Sprint has discontinued this reward, but it’s still fun to theorize who would have won if Survivor still had a fan vote.

For Survivor: David vs. Goliath, it feels like the winner would come from the David tribe. In terms of the Goliaths, I couldn’t see anyone having a real shot, except for maybe Alec, but he was eliminated a little too early to get enough votes. The same is true for female contestants, as the only person who could amass even close to enough votes to catch the David men would be Angelina. Her villainous ways, especially in the finale, might have been enough to gather the attention needed to be the female contestant with the most votes.

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Realistically though, a fan vote at the David vs. Goliath reunion show would have come down to Nick, Davie and Christian. These three Davids were all a thrill to watch, pulling out idols and advantages as well as entertaining us with funny confessionals.

Earlier this week we released the results of our straw poll based on your votes for which David vs. Goliath contestants you wanted back. Although this is a small sample size, the results are very similar to what probably would have happened in the case of a fan favorite vote. Davie and Christian received the two highest percentages (93% and 92%) in terms of the viewers wanting them to return.

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With all the love Christian received for his time out on the island, it’s hard for me to see anyone else receive a fan favorite award other than him. Davie would definitely make it a close race, but Christian had so many entertaining moments throughout the season that made audiences fall in love with him.