Aussie fans’ Melbourne Survivor season 2 reaches Kickstarter goal with days left

Melbourne Survivor
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Survivor fans in Melbourne have raised enough money to film Melbourne Survivor season 2, with several days left to reach stretch goals.

We’ve talked about the perils of people with fandom asking their fans for money and how such Kickstarter projects can fail, but sometimes it’s difficult to pull off projects otherwise. It’s about having experience in the field of what’s being asked and needing money to obtain a task within one’s expertise. Melbourne Survivor host Liz Reilly wants to take her fan season further and has reached the first step in doing so.

The Australian fan season’s Kickstarter project for a weekend-long season 2 has reached its minimum crowdfunding goal of AU$ 500, with the goal of creating a fan season over a weekend, having contestants build a shelter, compete in obstacle course challenges and filming it all for later consumption on YouTube. Think of Survivor Maryland but with Aussie accents and people of various age ranges, not just college.

Although the Kickstarter has obtained funding, they are still offering backer incentives at reasonable price ranges. For example (all prices in AU dollars), just $5 gets you a name in the credits, $15 gets you a VIP finale pass if you’re local to Melbourne, $25 gets you credits and a merge buff, $30 gets you the credits and a print of Survivor artwork and $50 gets you all of the above minus the finale pass.

The expectation is to have the Melbourne Survivor season 2 out by June this year, but like any project that involves numerous hours of editing and Kickstarter projects notoriously being delayed no matter who’s running them, that window is likely subject to changes. However, it seems like Liz and her team have experience running a prior season and the scale of a weekend’s work is not too decidedly large to make backing that much of a risk.

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Regardless, it’s up to you whether or not you would like to contribute to help fund Melbourne Survivor. The crowdfunding window closes on February 19 at 11 p.m. ET, with any further funds helping to produce future seasons of the fan show.