Top 10 Survivor Edge of Extinction predictions: First boot, winner and more

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Survivor Edge of Extinction Episode 1 Wardog pose
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Who will be the season’s rootable villain: Dan “Wardog” DaSilva

You don’t get to give yourself a nickname, and the opening credits use your nickname, without becoming a villain. Much like Jonny “Fairplay” Dalton, Dan DaSilva will go by “Wardog” in Survivor: Edge of Extinction, going so far as to call himself the Wardog in the third person.

Of course, part of the persona is to cover the fact that he’s a law student and has a keen sense of strategy and game awareness, but it will be hard for him not to play up the villain side of things. Much like a Tony Vlachos or Domenick Abbate archetype, his slight self-awareness as a mafioso wannabe within the game will help bring a comic edge to his villainy.

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You can’t help but like the guy, even though he may play by dastardly means. Being both layered and complex is a key element to being a rootable villain, and if this season has such a character, it will be the Wardog.

Who will win the title of Sole Survivor: Kelley Wentworth

I’ve been covering Survivor since season 34, although I’ve only had to predict winners ahead of Game Changers, Ghost Island and David vs. GoliathThough I was hilariously misguided ahead of season 36, my success rate is 66.6% so far. It is with that misplaced confidence that I provide the Surviving Tribal Sole Survivor prediction for Edge of Extinction to go to Kelley Wentworth.

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She has a perfect balance of the game’s key attributes without one obvious trait better than the other. She has bigger targets ahead of her. She is a fiercely loyal player that can earn the trust of newbie players without being ditched for being a bigger threat than the other returnees. Plus, with the returnees’ odds ever in their favor, Kelley seems the best bet among them all to win.