Survivor Maryland New Beginnings: Biggest stories heading into the merge

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As if the past few Tribal Councils weren’t good enough, Survivor Maryland: New Beginnings is ready to give us more drama as we await the merge.

**Warning: SPOILERS ahead for the first seven episodes of Survivor Maryland: New Beginnings** 

While different Survivor versions try to put a unique spin on their show to make it stand out, nothing is quite like the social dynamics of Survivor Maryland. The latest seasonNew Beginnings, is so enthralling, thanks in part to so many different alliances that keep each vote fresh.

With only eleven players remaining, episode 7 revealed the news that we can expect a merge next week! Here are three stories to watch heading into the merge:

1) Dylan vs. Don

Heated rivalries are always fun to watch on Survivor, especially when they are between two solid players. Ever since the first few episodes, Dylan and Don have fought for control over their tribe. Don’s desire to get Dylan out has been so strong that he’s succeeded in convincing others that Dylan has to be eliminated.

The great thing about this rivalry is that the alliances around the two parties have been shifting constantly. For example, Daniela and Keval have been flopping back and forth between Don and Dylan for the past couple of episodes.

At this point, it’s so hard to tell who’s aligned with who for sure. It looks like Alex is 100% aligned Dylan, but with Shaina and Taylor gone, I’m not sure that Don has a number one ally anymore. Whatever happens, this division is sure to make for an interesting Tribal or two, especially with Dylan’s idol.

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2) Ferocity actually has the power!

This season is definitely giving us the feel of Survivor: David vs. Goliath in terms of tribe dynamics. Similar to the David tribe, Ferocity struggled early. Both of these tribes faced an expansion that put them in the minority for each one!

But just like the Davids, they fought back. Ferocity is more united than the fracturing Baesqwaad, as they are content with letting them take each other out. Although old Ferocity enters the merge down six to five, Michael is already locked in with Susan and Swole. And with the Dylan and Don battle going on, it won’t be hard to target old Baesqwaad members early on in the merge.

3) The girls have control over the season

It’s true that the girls are outnumbered six to five, but they’ve had a major influence in the past few votes. I think one reason why they are a much stronger force is because they all get along and are linked by alliances.

Emily, Susan and Faith have been playing solid games, being able to use their social skills to get what they want without becoming threats. We saw Alex making efforts to join this female alliance during this past episode. And even Daniela looks committed to Alex now.

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This is different from the guys, as Dylan, Don, Tony and Swole have all painted themselves as threats to take out. While the guys are fighting it out, the girls are building alliances and making relationships. Once the Don and Dylan battle ends, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Emily, Susan and Faith in power positions, controlling this game.