Survivor Edge of Extinction: Three takeaways from episode 3

Photo: Timothy Kuratek/CBS Entertainment ©2018 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Photo: Timothy Kuratek/CBS Entertainment ©2018 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved. /

Episode three of Survivor: Edge of Extinction turned out to be the most dramatic of the season, bursting with strategy and unique personalities.

It took a few episodes, but Edge of Extinction finally delivered the social interactions that make Survivor so great. The entire chicken fiasco that moved Wendy to take the flint brought us back to the great pre-merge clashes in David vs. Goliath. Besides providing entertaining moments, episode 3 gave us key insights into this season. Here are three of them:

1) Wentworth’s social game is legit!

Although the credit may go to Rick or David for saving face despite their failed big move, it was Wentworth who shut it down. Her relationship with Wardog moved him to trust her implicitly, alerting Wentworth when her name was being thrown around.

Kelley’s social game is so strong that she stopped a blindside without even realizing it! As good as she played at Manu, a swap could ruin everything. If she doesn’t have Wardog or Lauren on her side and is forced to work with the Kama newbies who are targeting returnees, then she could be in trouble. But at least we know that she has the ability to do more than work from the bottom.

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2) Rick Devens is the king

It’s true that Rick is part of the minority tribe as a swap looms, but even if he is outnumbered on his new tribe, I can’t see him going home anytime soon. His chill, funny personality has made him the most approachable person on Manu.

When Wendy wants a chicken espionage partner, she asks Rick. When David wants to strategize, he talks to Rick. When Wentworth and Wardog want to change the vote, they go to Rick to form a majority. Everyone wants to align with Devens!

The fact that first-time players and even returnees turn to Rick for his advice puts him in a great position. So even if he doesn’t end up on a tribe with two other Manu members, his likability will enable him to make alliances with new players.

3) Chris has the best odds to return

This week’s episode produced the biggest blindside of the season. Even though it was partly his fault for trusting in Wardog, Chris had no clue that any votes were coming his way, let alone five! Not only does Chris have that added revenge motive to return, but he also has the physical ability to make it happen. He has dominated every challenge he’s been in, and was the only person who could give his tribe a fighting chance against Kama.

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The only concern for Chris at this point is the edit. We haven’t learned anything about him except that he trusted in Wardog more than anyone. So if someone comes to Extinction Island with a more fleshed out backstory, then Chris might not be the one coming back.