Survivor Edge of Extinction: Aubry Bracco is episode 3’s MVP

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The third episode of Survivor: Edge of Extinction sees Aubry crying once again, but this time, it’s for a completely rewarding reason.

After the first two episodes of Survivor: Edge of Extinction, many thought that Aubry was destined to be an early boot. With all the discussions about blindsiding a returnee and her unsuccessful attempts to create a dialogue, it looked like a Kama loss would put her on Extinction Island.

That’s why both myself and my cowriter put Aubry low on our weekly power rankings. All it took was one episode to flip that situation upside down. After going over 70 days on Survivor without finding an idol, Aubry’s efforts finally paid off in the third episode.

At that moment, she knew she needed one badly and came up clutch, laying her hands on her first Hidden Immunity Idol! But having to play it that same day wouldn’t be enough to ensure her longevity, which led to the Immunity Challenge.

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Aubry, Ron and Julia came into the final puzzle stage with their tribe behind. Out of nowhere, they were able to solve the first segment of the puzzle with ease. This is another part of a challenge that Aubry has seen before in Game Changers, but she didn’t take part in solving it then.

This time she took the lead in making the puzzle and she succeeded. Aubry and Ron were able to sort through the pieces to pull off a come from behind win. So not only did Aubry find an idol, but her strong efforts in the Immunity Challenge ensured that she didn’t have to waste it that night.

What helps Aubry’s position in the game even more is the fact that a tribe swap will shake things up. If anyone could have benefited from a swap, it would be Aubry. Instead of having a group of six newbies all scheming to get rid of a returnee, Aubry will only have to deal with four other tribe members now.

With fewer people on a team, I think Aubry will have more success. It suits her social game better if she only has make connections with two other people to get the majority. And if she can’t make those relationships work, she always has an idol which could easily change the dynamics of a five-person tribe.

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This doesn’t change the fact that Aubry is still a vulnerable target, however, with the protection of her idol and the looming tribe swap, Aubry is no longer in immediate danger and is a threat to make it deep into this season.