Survivor is still doing open casting calls in March 2019


Are you in Santa Clara on March 23? You can still audition for an upcoming Survivor season and get the chance to meet winner Adam Klein.

Traditionally, Survivor casts their upcoming seasons of the show in a standard format year in and out. It starts with a call for video submissions in early August, includes open casting calls and ends roughly at the end of October. This year added Canadians to the casting pool, who had their own video submission rules and no open casting calls.

Any time before the end of casting deadlines and early November through February, Survivor producers will reach out to those they are interested in learning more about by asking via email or phone to fill out a bunch of forms. A phone call interview, more forms, a lengthy trip to Finals in Los Angeles and meeting production/physical/mental evaluations, successful players will learn whether they’re set to fly out to Fiji in late March or late May.

Note that yes, Survivor season 39 will likely start filming later this month, but you wouldn’t expect that based on the show’s continued casting process. That’s right, Millennials vs. Gen X winner Adam Klein will be involved with an open casting call for the show on March 23 and 24 in Santa Clara, CA. More details are available at the CBS affiliate’s website.

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Per the casting eligibility requirements, those picked by producers would be flown to LA for Finals casting, and no previous applicants to made it to Finals throughout this cycle’s process are eligible to try out again. Considering the turnaround for meeting the producers and Jeff Probst, passing a physical, getting approved by the CBS executives, making real life preparations and actually flying out to Fiji, I’m hesitant to think that this casting call will be for season 39.

That does beg the question; why is Survivor doing open casting calls this late in the process? We know that this is the first time the show is doing a cycle of casting without Lynne Spillman, so it’s possible their pool of applicants is not as deep as they once thought. I would suspect that this could be casting for the final spots in season 40, although in that case, that season won’t feature all returnees.

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Whatever the case may be, there’s still hope for the Survivor hopefuls who still want to be cast for the show this year! Plus, Adam Klein’s pretty great in his own right.