Australian Survivor 2019: Host Jonathan LaPaglia has killer one-liners

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After Edge of Extinction robbed us of Jeff Probst’s parting words, Australian Survivor 2019’s Jonathan LaPaglia is here to fill your one-liner needs.

To quote a fictional character in a drastically manufactured franchise, we’re in the endgame now for Australian Survivor 2019. As such, there is no Sunday episode after all, as the final two weeks of the show will bring two episodes each to take us down from the Final Six to the winner and sole Survivor of the fourth rebranded season of Australia’s great competitive reality program.

That means we’re just twiddling our thumb until the 21st episode of the season airs on Monday morning in North America (Monday evening in Australia), but that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate what the season has brought us so far. The production value is greater than we have seen in the US version lately, and outside of the quarter of the cast the show left behind on the editing room floor, we’ve seen some great season-long and short-form storylines.

One thing that has always been a gem late in each episode is Jonathan LaPaglia at Tribal Council. He’s always been a bit chummy with the players at challenges, but he really stokes the flames when he talks with the players before voting one of them off. To lighten the mood and get everybody feeling energized right before they head back to camp, he will employ the magical one-liner with immaculate accuracy.

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The Australian Survivor Twitter account posted a collection of the host’s one-liner musings used throughout the season, and most of them are solid lines. Lines about making people disappear and the real trick making sure they stay gone, being careful about making deals in a game where deals are meant to be broken, and talking about how Bradbury skated by a disaster are some of the highlights.