Australian Survivor: All Stars names its first 8 castaways

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8 of the Australian Survivor’s greatest heroes and villains, champions and contenders, and everything in between is now official All-Stars.

At the end of the Australian Survivor: Champions vs. Contenders (2019) finale, the show teased the next season; Australian Survivor: All StarsYes, we are just as jarred as you about the lack of a hyphen in the sub-title but considering the amount of online buzz surrounding filming of the season, we’re surprised to get any official information before the season wrapped up filming.

The first eight castaways for Australian Survivor: All Stars have been announced on the official social media channels for the show. Brooke Jowett, Flick Egginton, Nick Iadanza and Phoebe Timmins represent the group from the first season, while Henry Nicholson and Mark “Tarzan” Herlaar are the two from the second season.

Just one champion apiece from each Champions vs. Contenders season has been announced, with Mat Rogers from the first and David Genat from the last season on the island now. For some odd reason, there have been five of the presumed twelve men announced in the first batch with just three women announced first. There are almost as many champion men as women overall announced at first.

Some other interesting breakdowns come from the placements of these Australian Survivor: All Stars castaways. Tarzan and Phoebe are the only pre-merge boots of the eight, with Tarzan being the fourth boot of his season. That’s a testament to his appreciation amongst the fans, much like Jury Villa king and podcasting extraordinaire Nick Iadanza from the first rebooted season.

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Australian Survivor is going the all-star route in the fifth season much quicker than the US Survivor did with its eighth season. However, with 24 castaways per season in Australian, the pool of 96 doesn’t lag far behind the 112‬, although finding 24 great spots over 18 spots in the US is going to be a difficult task.