Survivor Island of the Idols episode 10: The fifth jury member speaks

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One of the most strategically minded castaways in Survivor: Island of the Idols had plenty to say about her future gameplan and her dealings with Dan and Kellee.

There’s no doubting that Missy was an exciting Survivor contestant to watch this season. She has the triple threat capability of winning challenges, dominating strategically and even socially. Unfortunately for her, the intensity she brought to the game became too transparent to the point that people from her own alliance decided to flip on her. Missy spoke with Mike Bloom over email after her exit, and you can find the complete interview over at Parade. Here are some of the highlights.

Missy confronted Tommy after being blindsided

There was actually more to Missy’s long drawn out exit than the edit revealed. In addition to finding out that Elaine flipped on her and epically whispering to Elizabeth to vote her out, Missy also spoke with Tommy. She congratulated him for a well executed blindside and gave him a fist bump before she had to grab her torch.

Formed a secret alliance with Karishma

A big topic of last week’s Tribal Council revolved around Missy and Karishma’s inability to get along. However, it wasn’t always like that. In fact, she mentioned how she actually formed an alliance with Karishma that they dubbed “BOT” (Bench of Trust). The plan was to keep this bond hidden from the rest of the players, while occasionally meeting secretly to discuss strategy and future plans.

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In order to make this secret alliance more convincing, Missy intentionally made it clear in front of everyone that she would never be able to work with Karishma. Unfortunately, that facade started to hit closer to home for Karishma to the point that she couldn’t trust Missy to be on her side. That said, the two are good friends today after the events of the game.

Missy explains why she used Dan’s behavior as gameplay

Something that Missy was clear about was the fact that she is sincerely sorry for using harassment as a means of gameplay and wish she could go back and act differently with the knowledge she has now. Missy did reveal though that her conversation with Kellee about Dan’s behavior was genuine. What intensified this situation was that after Missy finished that conversation, Lauren told her that Kellee is gunning for her. That made Missy go into game mode to find any way to deflect the target off of her.

The meeting with production was very vague

Similar to Aaron’s expressions, Missy said that the one on one meeting that production had with her felt like nothing more than a merge checkup. They simply asked her if she felt uncomfortable and to be mindful of others. She wasn’t aware of Kellee’s talk with production, or the fact that Dan got a warning. She didn’t even connect this brief meeting to the Dan and Kellee situation. She personally felt comfortable with all the cameras and production crew around them.

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Wanted to vote out Aaron so badly!

It wasn’t hard to notice that Missy and Aaron formed a strong strategic pair. However, Missy realized that Aaron was a serious threat to win Survivor, and she wanted to be the one to vote him out! As for Elizabeth, she was incredibly tight with her and figured that she had to either bring her to the end or beat her at fire.