Survivor: Marquesas winner Vecepia Towery talks Winners at War

Survivor winner Vecepia Towery - (Photo by Mark Mainz/Getty Images)
Survivor winner Vecepia Towery - (Photo by Mark Mainz/Getty Images) /

The fourth person to ever win Survivor and the first-ever African American champion spoke with Rob Cesternino on RHAP to share her thoughts on Winners at War.

The worst part about doing an all winners season 20 years in is the fact production can’t bring everyone back. There are quite a few great winners that will be watching Survivor: Winners at War from the sidelines, wishing they received the invitation to join this landmark season. Vecepia Towery, winner of Season 4: Marquesas falls under that category. Thanks to Teresa “T-Bird” Cooper, RHAP got a chance to speak with Vecepia ahead of season 40. Here are some of the highlights from that podcast.

Vecepia wasn’t even notified about Winners at War

This old school Survivor champion received no word at all about season 40. She didn’t even receive a call or an email notifying her that they are doing an all-winners season but they already have a full cast. Vecepia wasn’t bitter about that, but you could tell she was surprised and a little disappointed that they didn’t even reach out to her.

Wants to play again, hasn’t received a call since All-Stars

If she was asked to return fifteen years ago, ten or even five, Vecepia would have been an instant yes. She did say that after tearing her ACL she would think twice before immediately saying yes at her age, but it still sounds like she wouldn’t turn down another opportunity. She said yes for the call that went out for the first returnee season, but she didn’t make the final cast of All-Stars and hasn’t been contacted since.

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Is a two-time breast cancer survivor

In addition to being awarded the Sole Survivor of Marquesas, Vecepia has beaten cancer twice! Her first battle was over ten years ago, and she recently recovered from her second bout just two years back. So not only is she deserving of a return to the show from what she did in the game, but also for what she had to overcome outside of it as well.

Still watches every season of Survivor

Unlike many guests that T-Bird has brought onto RHAP, Vecepia actually still keeps up with the show and is still a fan. She does prefer the old school style of editing and gameplay over this new, fast-paced era, but she still enjoys watching. She believes that Danni and Sarah Lacina are probably the two women that played the most similar game to her.

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Detailed her allies and targets if she was in Winners at War

Rob asked Vecepia who she would have aligned with if she made it to season 40. She appreciated Sarah’s gameplay and would’ve tried to work with her, as well as Wendell since she’s gotten to know him from Survivor events. On the other hand, Vecepia would be determined to take out Parvati, Amber and Boston Rob even though she played with him before.

Would have completely changed her gameplay

Vecepia’s plan was to come into Survivor with an entirely new strategy. Instead of playing an under the radar and calculating game as she did in Marquesas, Vecepia wants to be more out there and enjoy the experience if she were to return. She would be determined to adapt to the new school game and desperately try to find Hidden Immunity Idols.

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It was cool to catch up with an old school winner and hear her viewpoint on Winners at War. Hopefully, we can get to hear from other winners that didn’t make season 40 so we can gain their unique perspective throughout Winners at War.