Survivor: Adam Klein’s Coin Flip Trip is perfect prep for fire tokens

Photo: Timothy Kuratek/CBS Entertainment ©2019 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Photo: Timothy Kuratek/CBS Entertainment ©2019 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved. /

If Adam Klein can win a bargaining challenge by thinking outside the box, the fire tokens provided in Survivor: Winners at War might get creative usages.

It looks like Survivor: Winners at War will feature as many twists, advantages, jabs, and hooks meant to keep the winners (and members of the audience) off-kilter. Instead of utilizing an excellent cast filled with proven personalities and gameplay-oriented castaways alike, it seems as though introducing new concepts is a more important quality for an audience treated like a cat with a keychain.

One of the more intriguing twists featured in the season is the concept of Fire Tokens. As seen in menus portrayed in the Survivor: Winners at War episode 1 press photos, players will have opportunities to spend tokens earned throughout the season to buy luxuries, food supplies, and even advantages before starting challenges, with money-pooling strategies possible.

If there is any early evidence players could get a bit creative with this gameplay opportunity, Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X winner Adam Klein has displayed that opportunity elsewhere.

As mentioned when the series was announced back in December, Adam Klein is one half of “The Coin Flip Trip” where he and poker pro Matt Forsythe flip a coin on an international trip to spend $25 or $500 per day per city. The most recent episode (embedded below) shows Adam thinking outside of the box when using Indian rupees to get the lowest price at least two out of three items of a shopping trip to beat Matt. A discussion of the video will begin below the video.

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With Adam needing to get the lower price on two out of three items, Adam made an actual galaxy brain move; he asked around the bazaar to find a place that sold all three items. After finding a place that did, he spent a lot more money on the scarf (1,000 rupees), but just one rupee each for the “authentic” pair Ray-Bans and a wallet, compared to 150 and 100, respectively, by Matt.

Obviously, Adam cheated the system, but it should be noted just how creative he was when it came to using the currency to play a game and win a challenge. With fire tokens providing worth both in the moment and down the line, Adam Klein has clearly showcased a level of guile we haven’t quite seen from him yet in Survivor. In fact, he was willing to give away such low-stakes advantages like the Steal-a-Reward to curry favor with Jay.

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This Coin Flip Trip took place after Winners at War was filmed, so we don’t know if this level of hifalutin chicanery came from Adam inherently, or he picked up some tips and tricks while on the island. At the very least, it shows the level of preparation Adam has when it comes to taking down a task. Perhaps he has some moves that will blow past some of the more seasoned veterans.