Survivor casting for season 41 and season 42 is officially over


You don’t have to wait by the phone and answer unlisted numbers any longer, as Survivor casting producers have closed the book on seasons 41 and 42.

We have been blessed with 20 years of Survivor content, the majority of which has been truly excellent television. We’ve seen close to 600 individual castaways compete across almost 40 seasons, with the 20th anniversary of the show just around the corner and the silver jubilee just a few years away.

Finding exciting castaways for both returning players, completely newbie, and mixed-casting seasons has been one of the most important parts of the formula needed to create an enthralling show. Survivor casting has been rather great in that regard compared to most other reality competition shows (with some very notable exceptions).

Each year in recent history, Survivor casting ramps up on the first Monday of August, running through March or until a few weeks before the filming of the first of two seasons in the upcoming filming schedule. With this being the end of the first week of March, casting producer Jodi Wincheski confirmed on her Instagram story that Survivor season 41 and Survivor season 42 casting has officially wrapped.

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This year’s casting team also includes casting director Jesse Tannenbaum, leading a team that includes Jodi, Molly Brescia, William Yelton, Daniel Gradias, Penni Lane Clifton, Joyce Hong, and Caitlin Moore. If you are reading this and have sent in an application this past cycle, it’s quite likely that you will not be cast for the next year of the show’s run on television.

As suggested in the post, casting will return in August, in which we have to remind you that sending in new applications or additional videos beyond the initial casting tape is only going to suggest to the producers that you don’t know how to follow instructions. If you’re dying to compete on the show, use that time to learn from former players who have offered advice.

With casting completed this round, we’re not too far off from the beginning of filming for season 41. We do know that both these upcoming seasons will not feature the Edge of Extinction (thank god), but it seems as though fire tokens and an economy featuring exchanges for advantages or powers will be the focus for future seasons.

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Here’s hoping we have two full casts of newbies heading into Fall 2020 and Spring 2021. With returning players being part of a full year of Survivor (even with an otherwise full newbie cast for Island of the Idols), and four captains part of Edge of Extinction, we could use the fresh reset.