Survivor: Yul Kwon matching ALS donations up to $50k in name of Stacy Title and Jonathan Penner’s family

Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images /

A touching moment shared on television transcended beyond the game, as Yul Kwon is leading a charity drive for ALS Association to combat the disease.

Times are tough right now, no matter where you live. Entertainment is here to distract us from the hardships of life, but sometimes life takes over precedence in all regards. Whether it’s suspending the NBA season entirely or production on future episodes of Survivor until further notice, life is at a difficult time for most right now.

The same is said for those battling with motor neuron diseases like ALS, as has been the case with Stacy Title, the wife of Survivor alum Jonathan Penner, for some time now. Yul Kwon noted in his preseason interviews that he’s playing to donate the money to the ALS foundation, and in the most recent episode of Winners at War, he led a lengthy conversation informing the millions of people watching at home.

Yul is hoping to continue the conversation further, as a blog post on CBS (followed by a commercial immediately playing in the first block after the mention) goes into further detail about Stacy and Jonathan’s battle with the disease. You can help support the ALS Association at this link right here, as Yul Kwon has dedicated to match the first $50,000 in donations dollar for dollar.

Donations will also go towards The Sean M. Healey & AMG Center for ALS at Mass General Hospital in Boston funding research into ALS as well as Compassionate Care ALS: a service provider that supports families and caregivers of those fighting ALS.

Stacy Title appeared on Survivor: Cook Islands as Penner’s loved one at the aptly named Reward Challenge, and like Penner, has directed, written, and produced film and television. The family has been met with support from the Survivor community at large, as well as fellow Winners at War castaways on social media promoting the drive.

Donate Here. Support Stacy Title, Jonathan Penner, and the battle against ALS. light

Our thoughts and well wishes go out to Jonathan, Stacy, and their children, as well as all those going through ALS.