Survivor Winners at War: Latest Sia Award winner is one out of left field

Survivor winner Nick Wilson - (Photo: Screen Grab/CBS Entertainment ©2020 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved)
Survivor winner Nick Wilson - (Photo: Screen Grab/CBS Entertainment ©2020 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved) /

While they didn’t appear on Survivor: Winners at War, a name drop plus the fact every player got a huge appearance fee is enough for the latest Sia Award winner.

Everybody in Survivor: Winners at War has already received at least one million dollars and the title of Sole Survivor for playing this great game ahead of competing for a two-million-dollar prize. Sandra had won a million dollars two separate times, and everyone received at least $35,000 just to show up in Fiji (and the reunion) and fight for a chance at more, and that’s before any placement prizes occurred.

What I mean to say is the usual pomp and circumstance surrounding the Sia Award is less measured this time around, especially since we didn’t have much of a live (stream) reunion, much time to talk to the players at home, nor a studio audience. For those unaware, singer/songwriter Sia likes to hand money out of her own pocket to players that entertained her or touched her heart during every season of Survivor since Kaoh Rong.

With less charitable causes in a season filled with millionaires, Sia seemed to bring the Winners at War Sia Award to a name drop. In episode 11, a weird, small snippet of conversation made it to air, with Nick talking about how a corner of the internet calling him “evil vampire Donathan” in reference to Donathan Hurley, who competed in Ghost Island.

Technically, I’m going to count Sia’s latest gift to Donathan as the Winners at War recipient, as the singer alerted him on Twitter to the revelation.

Previously, Donathan was announced to have received $10,000 from the singer (later verified as the personal gift $14,000 limit), allowing the Kentucky native to help out his family while also enjoying some finer things in life, like traveling on a cruise. While that kind of travel seems to be out of the question for the next little (long?) while, Donathan showed his appreciation for the support in response.

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Let’s hope that Survivor season 41 does return this fall after Jeff Probst’s commitment not only to bring us our favorite show again but also to hear more uplifting stories of Survivor’s most philanthropic fan taking over a spot once held by the phone corporation Sprint.