Survivor Sequester Mini power rankings: Who has the best chance to win?

Photo: Screen Grab/CBS Entertainment ©2019 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Photo: Screen Grab/CBS Entertainment ©2019 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved. /
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3. Wardog “The Wardog” Wardog

When he’s not posting the same six gifs from The Wire, Wardog is interacting with other Survivor players, becoming the Lawdog by passing the bar and dedicating time to catching up on other socially-driven reality competition programs like Big Brother. He’s proven to be an outward strategist and now has a game where he doesn’t have to throw an object 50% of the distance towards his target.

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There’s no stopping him now!

2. J’Tia Hart

If there’s any proof that Survivor players are not their edits, J’Tia is a nuclear engineer with a science doctorate. If there’s anybody who has a lot to prove that they’re not themselves at their lowest point on television in dumping rice and getting on her tribes’ nerves, J’Tia is the one to prove it.

J’Tia is connected enough, driven enough, and has a chip on her shoulder enough to pull off an early under-the-radar play style and flourish if overlooked.

1. Brice Izyah

The zany, opinionated host of the Purple Pants Podcast and proprietor of the Zaddy Calendar, Brice Izyah is a well-connected, well-beloved podcaster who has many friends and social connections within the Survivor universe. The opportunities to ask for the next individuals for the Zaddy Calendar or Hot Gurl Summa is another chance to gain another connection for the game.

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He has enough overhang to protect him early, enough people who love his personality to back him in the Final Two and possesses the straightforwardness needed to name targets while keeping his own name off others’ mouths. My only hope is that, by naming him as the top of the Survivor Sequester Mini pack, that he doesn’t come for me, and others come for him!