Ranking every three-time player in Survivor history

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‘Survivor’ Jeff Varner at the Second Annual Self Day Party for ‘Self’ Magazine at The Park in New York City. 04/16/2001. Photo: Evan Agostini/ImageDirect

There have been 23 Survivors to play the game three times. Let’s rank all 23 of them.

Most people are lucky if they get to play Survivor once, but these 23 contestants had the chance to play the game three times! Out of this bunch, seven have won the game and six have come in second place.

Even though there are a fair share of players on this list of three-time returnees who have yet to win the game, they’re still seen as great players in the show’s history and you’ll see that as we make our way through these rankings.

So, let’s start with the worst player out of this bunch.

Ranking Three-Time Survivor Players – Number 23: Jeff Varner

After being the merge boot in Australian Outback all the way back in 2001, Jeff Varner didn’t return to the Survivor stage until he was selected as a contestant on Cambodia, the second chance season. It was likely due to the fact that he was an old-school name on the ballot, but for whatever reason, Varner got on the show.

He went pre-merge in Cambodia and for whatever reason was asked back for Game Changers, which we all know ended up being disastrous. He outed Zeke as transgender in an attempt to prove Zeke was “deceitful” and ended up getting the boot that night, missing out on the jury once again.

Considering Varner never even made it to the jury in any of his three seasons proves he’s not a good player and he’ll likely never be asked back after his disgusting act on Game Changers. He was an easy pick for the worst spot on this list.

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